2011 for 2011 - weeks 42 and 43

A couple of reasonable weeks as we edge towards the end of the year - 41.25 the week before last, and 38 last week, although I had a bit of a cold that whilst it didn't stop me from running I never felt quite right. So with just 63 days left of the year I've got an advantage of 55.5 miles, as I'm on 1714 against a target of 1658.5

No races planned at the moment, but may do either a half or a ten miler in the next month, house move date permitting. This time of year is a great time for racing as it should be a bit cooler, but not so cold you don't feel like racing!

Hope everyone else's running and racing is going well, and everyone who is looking for 2011 miles this year is well on their way, as there's not much of the year left now!


  • I had a 48 mile last week  so I made an impact on getting my deficit down but spoilt it this week with a 36 mile week; this is down to going to Beer Festival yesterday and not feeling like running this morning.

    Amway my yearly total now sits at 1647.34 miles this give me a deficit of 16.56 miles; I intend to get my miles left at the start of November to 350 miles then do 200 miles in November and have 150 miles to do in December.  I don’t want to have a big target day around Christmas.

    Have a great weekend


  • Great running you two!!

    I'm def out after this years injuries but have been running plenty and did the Royal Parks Half 3 weeks ago and enjoyed it. Now on a runstreak -day 10.
  • Helluva streak WR - I can go about 6 days before I either start to feel too tired or the old niggles start to flare up!
  • Hi chaps, haven't been on here for a few weeks due to a back injury that put me out of contention for the Mablethorpe Marathon, and have only been back running for around 3 weeks. In that time done the Tamworth 10k at a reasonable time under 43 minutes and also B'ham HM where I was 7 minutes slower than last year coming in at around 1:41.

    Because of the enforced lay off my credit for the year has been knocked substantially where pre Mablethorpe I was around 150 miles. Now getting back into it with the last 2 weeks putting in around 45 miles in each week.

    So the stats now look from this Monday 1770 miles for the year with 50 miles in credit, so I'm still hopeful of reaching the 2011 around mid December.

    Start of the XC this weekend with the first being the Birmingham Districts Invitation League at Leomington, 3 lapper complete with beacon hill and muddy ditch.image

  • Ouch - Beacon Hill! I used to run for Leamington C&AC, and even though it was our 'home' course, Newbold Comyn Park and it's massive hill never got any easier!

    Oh, and the muddy ditch - I've got a great newspaper clipping of four of us going flying in the ditch - I look like I'm breakdancing spinning on my back! - and another of our runners showing how it should be done, skimming across the surface!

    It all brings back fond memories!

  • Glad to see a survivor Simon, I done the race last year and on the first lap I decided to leap the ditch...wrong choice as it jarred my foot so the remaining 2 laps I dipped one foot in. The beacon hill is a novelty on the first lap and by the third lap just crawling up it on hands and knees was an achievement in it's own.
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