VLM 2012 - Advice and Local Runners

Hey everyone!

I have just signed up to this site today after buying the magazine for years! I have managed to get a ballot place in VLM 2012, really excited but I really want to get my training plan correct right from the off.

Is there anyone who can offer some sound advice? I'm located in Northampton so it would be great to be able to meet people from my area who have a place too as unfortunately my running buddy didnt get in image

My recent PB's are 5km in 22 mins, 10km in 49mins.

Hope to speak to you all soon....



  • Hi Craig

    Just saw your thread while on the Edinburgh marathon past and present page. Is this your first marathon?

  • Hi Craig

     Just seen this.  Do you belong to a running club?  If not I can recommend Northampton Road Runners, I've been a member since 2004.  It's the most friendly running club in Northamptonshire where you'll get lots of good advice and help to plan your marathon training.  Why not have a look on the website (google Northampton Road Runners) and come along, you'd be made very welcome.

     All the best

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