Hi All,

 If anyone wants a guaranteed (non-charity) place then please get in touch with me via the forum to achieve a swap.

Otherwise, how is the training going?


  • Are you not doing Brighton marathon next year image
  • I have a confirmed entry but have been out of action with a hand injury (pilon fracture with Suzuki frame) that has prevented me running or doing any other exercise for several weeks already, and which will take many weeks to heal properly, so I'm being realistic about the options. I may defer to 2013, but if anyone wants the place for this year, I'm happy to trade.
  • Hi HBIT, i have nothing to trade apart from cold hard cash!!! If that takes your fancy am happy to pay the entry fee. My partner is running for alzheimers charity as her dad died a few weeks ago and would love to join her as part of my 12 maras in 12 months challenge next year.

    contact me at if you would like to sell your place to me (please)

  • When I asked Brighton marathon people they said I could defer but could not transfer or refund so I would advise caution ..
  • My apologies everyone. Last year I entered under the official transfer system, so assumed this was still in operation.

    However, I've just searched every bit of informaiton I can find about this race and there is no mention of the ability to transfer this year.

    Therefore I conclude that it isn't possible in 2012.

    Sorry to have raised hopes in vain.


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