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  • Gobi i have just gone back a couple of pages..oo you are scaryimage...image...im going to bravely admit that on the weeks i was supposed to be doing 13 and 15 miles i was doing 15 and 18....*waits for smacked wrists*image...never the less , you are a good mentorimage

    spoons you are a good mentor too...and you scare me lessimagemwah x

  • lou- not me, I've been good at running slowlyimage

    See you all in 2012image

  • i run slowly too...i think..image
  • I don't lol it depends which camp your inimage
  • NP- I don't all the time- it's all about periodizationimage See you in 2012 for a new mesocycleimage

  • ok, that was one big word too manyimageimageimage
  • Safe to say I don't run slowly all the time either ..
  • looked at my watch for the time/pace of last sundays run...17miles/average pace 9:40/2hour 41
  • I run slowly all the time!!image
  • loulabell wrote (see)
    looked at my watch for the time/pace of last sundays run...17miles/average pace 9:40/2hour 41
    kaz, i run slowly too...im never going to be at the front of the pack LOLimage i talk too much to use the energy wiselyimage
  • I don't talk I just sing along with my ipod and scare all those around into running faster!!!
  • LOL Kaz !!!!!

    Did 10.4 miles at MP + 2.40 this morning
  • image Kaz, I'm sure it's not as bad as you think - you've only got to look at all those who get into X Factorimage.

    A few miles planned for me today, in between getting offspring off to school / college and work.

  • Dont mention x faxctor...im quite glad its finished nowimage no run for me today....busy busy work day...possibly the busiest so farimage
  • I'm also good at running slowly but not always.....

    Loula - he's not that scary but never underestimate the power of the dark side.....
  • Spoons, I think the scare scale is proportional to how much help you get from me.

    I do have a jacket that says


    Bringer of Pain
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Got up at stupid-O'Clock to run an easy 5 miles (why is it harder to get up when it's an easier session?).

    70 press-ups then off to work.

    Long run tomorrow. Hope everyone's weather isn't too bad... 

    Mon - drew a blank on long races in April - guess it's too close to London/Brighton/Paris etc.

  • Teknik- thanks for looking.  I think I will have to get through it on my own without a raceimage

    No run for me today.  Was going to run into work but realised I'd forgot to bring a coat to work the previous day so would have to go home in my office clothes and it's freezing.  The logistics of running to/ from work are a bit annoying sometimes.  It's probably for the best as have a 7.5mile xc tomorrow so rest todya will do me good.

    Bring on the weekend.

  • Teknik - I run at 0500 most days, gets very easy.
  • i get up and go v early in summer but last few weeks ive been having to wait until 7:30ish until light....image

    spoons..i still think Gobi scary...*hides behind spoons*image

  • ...although i do respond to hard tuition/coaching wellimage
  • Lou - I'm just very black and white when I give information
  • But he's black and red in the flesh image
  • Gobi I like the bit about bringer of pain lol
    I also like dark o'clock lots......

    Double 7 miles yesterday and 6 easy to day image
  • i like 'early' o clock...image..i like running and seeing the sun come upimage
    Xmas is cancelled in Spoons's house wrote (see)
    But he's black and red in the flesh image
    still scary.....spoons are you knitted?image
  • Easy 50 mins yesterday, very slow, but comfortable.  Legs etc holding up far better than I expected and HRs nice and low.

    60 mins tomorrow, then we'll see what I can manage in the next two weeks, prior to more focused training in January.

    Working hard to lose the extra bit of ballast which will also help.

  • Hi All... 

    Back into some decent running after my injury... 13.1 on Sunday 2hr 19!!  PB for me...  image (had to be a PB never run that distance!!)  6 on Tuesday, 8 on Wednesday and 9 in 1hr 33 last night!!...  working 7-7 today so next run scheduled for Sunday...  not sure whether to do shorter run or try for more distance...  I will ponder on this one for the day....  hmmm...

    I cant run fast unlike you hardcore runners but managing to plod along and increasing my miles...  really struggling with the thought of me being able to run a marathon but, 3 months ago I thought 5 miles was a struggle!!  

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Well done Jennie, you're doing great. image

    Long slow 13m for me this morning. That's me done for the week (29m). Feet up tomorrow...

  • Thanks Teknik!!  So how slow is slow for you?  

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Hi Jennie

    Well, I'm aiming (5th attempt, mind you) to break 4H so slow/easy/recovery are all done about 10 min mile pace ie MP + 60 secs.

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