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  • 50x25m front crawl this morning and 6 miles recovery.
    Reading back Jason's right some good running going on well done everyone it's never easy to get out the door when the weather is bad.
  • But you never regret doing a runimage
  • Decided to make the switch over to next year's thread and I'm going to be doing at least 1 race with the word 'marathon' in the title, unlike last year & the year before.  But need to get back into running a bit more before deciding fully what I'm doing as I'm having physio for a hip problem at the mo.

    This is what I've got planned so far:-

    Olypmic Park Run (5 miles) 31.03.12
    Hook Fun Run (2.5 miles) 20.05.12
    Purbook Ladies 5 miles in June
    Denmead 10k in October

  • Evening peeps

    Good point Jason image
  • Hi, having properly read through all 18 pages, rather than just skimmed a couple whilst at work, I'd just like to say that this really is an excellent thread especially for those of us just tentatively venturing past the 'OMG it's 26 miles how on earth am I going to get round' stage of thinking. North Dorset Village or Neolithic I think, both on May 6th for my next one...and I am going to slow down on my longer training runs. Maybe sign up for Abingdon in the autumn to target a 4.45 ish PB.Great advice throughout for newbies like me, thanks again.

    So I now know my training schedule needs fine tuning - having done no slower than marathon pace long runs, not enough of a total mileage base, only one 20+ mile longer run, nothing like enough weeks at a high enough milage total  - apart from this I think I got it spot onimage 

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    I don't know Jason, there was this one time everyone advised me not to run and 600 metres later I couldn't run. I have more than paid for my stubborn stupidity. Here we are with 2012 approaching and I still regret that run. That said I put the location to bed on Saturday by running 105.5 laps round the track where it all went wrong so hopefully that means it is closed and I can go forward.

    10.4 miles this morning and thats just shy of 80 miles in 5 days

    Hello 2012 I'm coming to get you :¬)
  • Ok, been lurking but going to jump in seeing as there's some familiar faces dotted around. I haven't got a 2012 marathon planned yet but Abingdon is always at the back of my mind so will see what occurs over the next few months and at Wokingham where I'm running the half again in Feb.

    2008 was my last marathon in NY, ran 3:21 and then carried on at the same sort of intensity in training, done my knee in. An op a year later meant that it's only really this year I'm running injury free again.


    5x5 minute intervals early this morning with 2 minute recoveries and a mile wu/cd, maybe a tad quicker then they needed to be at 6:30 pace but I can't seem to hold back on intervals as I enjoy them too much. Funnily enough that means I've had my highest mileage month now for over three years with still 11 days left.

    Followed it up with 13.5 miles on the bike. Looking good for 2012 so keeping my fingers crossed....
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Managed to stick to shandies last night and left before the Jack D bottle came out, so no ill effects this morning.

    LSR of 13 miles this morning - slowed right down and did it in 2H22 (11' mile, although that included a few annoying stops and starts with my running club).  Not tired at all, no shortness of breath despite a heavy cold, so I'm hoping that was 100% aerobic !

  • Hi Moscow - fingers crossed indeed!

    Off to running club tonight. Mountains of biscuits, mince pies & quality street to get through first though..... image
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    For those who don't know I am a blogger

    www.gobi70.wordpress.com talk about running quite a lot
  • And, at completely the other end of the running spectrum, so am I! http://helenruns.wordpress.com/

    Gobi talks about quite a lot of running (and biking, and training) whereas I talk a lot about the little bit of running I do. image I do a good line in weather reports  (it's been cold recently image)

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Reads like a blog on running to me young lady :¬)
  • Helen,

    Great blog.  That sounds a really good run, although I don't think I'd fancy the sea defences wall.


    Good luck.


    Well done.

  • MF- welcome, but why the intervals?

    Tek- well done on resisting temptation and the rub as wellimage

    12m for me tonight at 7.58 av- all easy, all goodimage

  • I wouldn't bother running if I couldn't do my intervals, I love them too much. Plus at this stage I'm gunning for a sub 90 half and trying to bring my 5k time right down again so I do think I'll benefit short term.
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Jason - they are actually HMP efforts so not hardcore intervals or would be if MF would behave himself :¬)
  • Gobi- wondering whether I should introduce some tempo yet- planning on running a half in Feb. But at the minute the speed at which I can run aerobically is improving fast with slow easy runsimage Leave it a while?
  • Think I can answer my own question, if I'm going to crank up the miles over the next few weeksimage
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Jason - a few taps towards HMP if the reps are short enough should keep you high end aerobic so should be fine.

    I like them as they let you stretch your legs a little
  • I am trying to behave.... Just can't help feeling I'm cheating a bit if I don't do the intervals fast. It wasn't all out, I had to slow down from about 6:10 pace, but in time it will help me become disciplined with my pace.

    Running slow is hard but I've actually adapted to that pretty well, my LSR is now at least a minute slower than it used to be. I'm sure the quick stuff can be tamed in the same way as well.
  • I should add that all I've ever know in terms of training is the RW schedules, which always gave me a couple of fast sessions a week, so I'm still adapting to trying something new and it's early days so will take a month or so to get out of old habits/routines I guess. I'm not used to doing the faster stuff slower.
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    MF - I know :¬)
  • MF- seems you have a planimage

    Gobi- thanksimage Think I might have a new half paceimage

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Jason - I would start out working to only just quicker than current so that you are in control. Like MF you always need to feel you could go a lot quicker.
  • Gobi- absolutelyimage
  • At least I'm now starting to recognise that. Usually after intervals I look at whether I could have given it a bit more and felt disappointed if I felt it was only 90 or 95%. This morning I knew I'd gone too fast, it's just a case of controlling that during the run itself.

    Still struggling to get away from the mindset that if I don't train fast, I won't race fast.
  • MF- keep strugglingimage Got my first sub 3 this year largely off running slower miles (with Gobi's adviceimage). Fastest intervals (following modified P&D plan) were run at 5k pace

    G- remember now about the tempo lite idea, so might start off by running MP for parts of midweek MLR runs for a couple of weeks-??

  • Funnily enough I could see Gobi sitting on my shoulder for the last rep telling me to slow down image
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    It's working :¬)
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