2012 Marathon thread



  • All good, amazing atmosphere :¬)

    Just slightly overshadowed by the Comrades.
  • It is a bit overshadowed, I agree.  Comrades is the one to do... however 56km sounds a bit more manageable at this point in time.
  • Hello everyone! I'm doing my first ever marathon in April in Paris (as I didn't get into the VLM image). Anyone else doing the Paris Marathon?
  • I'm doing Paris.image
  • Evening allimage

    Last day at school over and done withimageimage (I'm a teacher). Ate too much at buffet lunch today, but while many went to the local to celebrate the end of term, I celebrated with a 7.72m slow recovery runimage. Last run in the dark for a while tooimage

  • Well done guys.
  • Evening all.

    17 miles on the bike topped up with an 8 miler tonight, progressive for seven miles and a final mile cool down. 8:49 8:19 7:48 7:26 7:04 6:48 6:30 8:41

    Feeling ok but a bit tired, might cut down on the bike tomorrow.
  • Nice one MoscowF

    Jason - image
  • 10.4 this morning and I believe it is Crunchie time
  • 8 miles into work this morning.  Had the embankment to myslef.  Where is everybody?image
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭
    At home, eating Belgian waffles and syrup. Yumimage
  • 15 miles on the bike this morning, a planned 6 this evening.

    Feeling pretty crap though.
  • MF- skip the 6 if you're tiredimage
  • I usually perk up in the evenings, will see how it goes.
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭
    I've been messing around with the schedule this week, and have just realised that I've left my tempo run for...Xmas morning. Brilliant. That'll please Mrs. Tek...
  • I'd quite like to go out on Christmas morning, but there's absolutely no chance that I'd ever get away with that so I've had to go for tomorrow on the LSR front.
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭
    Hi MF...sensible planning.  Tomorrow is "run around the shops in a blind panic looking for anything that might suggest I'd put some thought into the process" day.
  • I will be out running everyday :¬)
  • Great running peeps.
    Out this morning for just over 8 miles, off from 5pm tonight till 27th and like Gobi plan to get out every dayimage
  • Hi

    Just spent a pleasant hour or so reading through the thread and thought I would rejoin (I posted on the first page).

    I am doing Sussex marathon on 1st April, aim is to get round - it will be my first. I am slow but happy to stay that way and build up the mileage steadily. (11 Dec I did a HM in 2:50, there were some horrible hills but I wouldn't have been that much quicker without the hills).

     Currently suffering with a cold and a dodgy ankle, so on my second week of no runningimage. Ankle should be ok to run on as soon as the cold has gone image. At least the cold is forcing me to rest. Will have a fairly easy week or so of getting back into the swing of it when I am fit again.

    Like some of the other first timers I keep wondering it I am going to be able to cover the 26.2 miles, but in a strange way I am really determined to do it.

  • Hi mathschick.image

    Parkrun for me tomorrow, probably no running on Sunday (hubby put his foot down) but back  with a vengeance on Monday.  Happy Christmas everyone! 

  • Good luck Mathschick......

    I have parkrun too. Will  run the 4 miles there and then jog the3 miles around the course with Mrs AGF.....then come home had feedmyself nuts, chablis, mince pies etc.......mmmmm

  • Left work early so decided to get my run out of the way. Within 400m I was in the middle of ridiculous winds and a huge hailstorm. I was wet through within seconds! Carried on and did six miles in the worst conditions I've ever run in, could hardly see ten yards in front of me.

    Was freezing cold but still had fun image
  • Evening allimage

    MF- glad you're feeling better

    NP- enjoy the break

    Gobi- can't/won't run on Xmas Day-got a 5 year old who will want to be up at 4 am and  I'm the head chef in our house- and we've got 7 coming for dinner! I'm hoping to squeeze 2 runs in tomorrow to make up for it- but not sure I can squeeze them in....

    Good day for me today- Xmas shopping finished, chocolate fondant log made and stage 1 of trifle complete (I won't be eating either of these!). 17.10m run at 7.45 av. Glass of wine in my hand nowimage

    Merry Christmas, everyone!imageimage

  • Hiya can I join??

    I have been running since I was at school, 17 long years incase you were wondering!! Run about 15 to 20 miles a week, have run a few half mara, a load of 10ks and did the Belfast marathon in 08.
    Did a half mara in Derry in sept and have been ticking over the last few months with a 6 miler on a sun and a couple of 3 to 5 milers in the week, it's so tough when the dark nights come in and hubby does not like me running on my own in the dark!!
    Planning the larne half mara end of march and Belfast mara early may with a few 10ks in between, so a really busy few months ahead
    The mild weather is certainly helping this year, I could not run for about 3 weeks this time last year as the pavements were like ice rinks!!
    So have sorted out my training plan and hope to achieve the mara in 4.45, last one was 5.21 and my running buddy really struggled from 13 miles and we had to take a few walking breaks but was glad to finish for a first mara!!
    A six miler planned for tomorrow, making mince pies and wrapping Xmas pressies, merry Xmas to all

  • Gobi,

    I'm planning the same, not sure how far I'll be going but if I can get back up to 3 miles by the end of the New Year break I'll be happy.


    Hi, welcome to the thread & good luck with the plans.


    Hope everyone has a good christmas.

  • My training has been non existent for for 4 weeks now - my dad is very sick with lung cancer and is terminally ill with a short life expectancy. My problem is that I put on weight very quickly and only being 5 9 I have put on around 10 pounds in that time making me look like a barrel - trying to cross train to avoid but cant get time - any cosmetic surgeons out there
  • Ian

    Hugs to you & your family.

  • Welcome matchstick.
    Jason enjoy your runs and don't burn the turkey tomorrow..... See your back on page 2 of fetch, I hope to finish on page 4.
    AGF hope the parkrun went well for you and the Mrs.
    Chicaboo your from the same neck of the woods as me, the Larne half route is changing next year and will go through the town first this will make it a little flatter are you also doing the Titanic 10k? Do you run for any of the local clubs? All the best with your training and welcome.
    Ian sorry to hear about your dad, the trouble is we all put the weight back on when we stop training.
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