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  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Hi Mathschick and Chicaboo. Ian you have my deepest sympathy.

    Cut the Gordian knot: decided to dump the Tempo run tomorrow, under pressure from the Boss, and just combined the mileage with today's...so 11 slow miles this morning.  33m for the week. Week one of Pfitzinger 18/55 done.

    All the best to everyone

  • Hi Matchstick, welcome aboard.

    Sorry to hear that, Ian image

    10 cold but nice miles for me this morning before the kids wear me out with excitement. 8:58 pace so just shy of 90 minutes on my feet and 42 miles for the week. At least it was dry!

    Merry Christmas one and all.
  • I cancelled yesterday's run as the wind was so strong I could barely walk from the car. A wheelie bin had blown over next to the church and all the rubbish was flying round in a circle like a mini-tornado! Obviously I went to the pub instead image
  • What a good morning, A 5 mile jog to the parkrun followed by pacing Mrs AGF to a 4 minute PB !!! Minced pies and a cuppa afterwards. Excellent turn out too. Good start to Christmas

    Ian, thoughts with you...

    NP, thanks, enjoy your Christmas runs

    Nice Start Teknik !!

    Nicely Done Moscow Flyer....

    Spoons....beer/run/beer/run.....  sometimes a beer is the right choice image....I see it as "recovery" from all the long miles !! 

  • Sounds like a lovely morning AGF image
  • AGF,

    Excellent.  How pleased is Mrs AGF and was it expected?


    Well done on everyone's runs.  1.28 chalked up for me today.  My hip was really stiff but it's been a couple of weeks since I've ran so hopefully it will be easier for tomorrow's run.

  • Thanks spoons / hy4... Mrs agf is pleased that her training with the womens running group has paid off!!

    Well done on your run HY4
  • Evening all

    Jogged Swindon and did a few more miles, nothing serious though as I am coughing a little bit still.

    Have now collected Grandma Marshmallow (my mum) who is staying for a while and collect MiniG (my daughter) tomorrow. Around all this Christmas will happen as will running and cycling. Fortunately everyone round here either does exercise or accepts it happens.
  • Evening allimage Welcome Mathschick and Chickabooimage

    Ian- best wishes 

    NP- page2? Look againimage

    Spoons- excuses, excuses....image

    AGF- That's more like it! Well done

    Gobi- have a good Xmas- well done on the Parkrun

    MF- good running- know what you mean about the kidsimage

  • A busy day for me today!  8 easy miles early on before the rest of the family were awake. Made custard for trifle, visited parents and swapped pressies, finished making trifle, made stuffing, made stock for gravy, made honey roast ham. Then got tomorrow's LR out of the way- 15.91m, so can eat and drink guilt free tomorrowimage. Should have been 16, but got so much of a shock at the end that I forgot to run the last part. Only got back to the Leisure Centre where I'd parked my car to find the gates shut and a sign saying they were closed until Tuesdayimage. I went into panic mode at this point- not only because of the car, I could have run home, but because MY MISSUS' XMAS PRESENTS WERE HIDDEN IN THE BOOT!!!!!!!imageimageimage After a few minutes of hyper ventilating, I realised that there was no padlock on the gate. Thank you, God!!image

    Won't be on here or running after tonight until Boxing Day, so MERRY CHRISTMAS< EVERYONEimageimageimage

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Lol Jason image

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  • thank you all for your very kind words - whatever happens I am going for a run tomorrow morning - only a few miles but it will be nice - wish you all a fantastic Christmas
  • No pain, yes will prob do the titanic 10k, my running buddy lives out past tome and there a re a few 5 and 6 mile races march and April, no I'm not in a running club, Im one of those sad runners that enjoy the peace and quiet of a run!!

    Did just under 6 miles yest which was good for Xmas eve, Hubby bought me a gorgeous pair of ronhill leggings for Xmas and a new long sleeved top, delighted

    Happy Xmas to all xx
  • Just thought I would dip my toe into the 2012 thread (doesn't seem right with the correct spelling) merry xmas etc.. a said on the 2011 tread, not repeating it. 

    Hopefully in 2012 I will find some answers and be able to stop lurking and be able to post some running related topics

  • Lucky escape Jason image

    Hi Chickaboo. Could be confusing with Chickadee as well.... image

    Hi TomS - been a while. Hope you're OK?

    13 miles of XC, hills and beach running done in the glorious sunshine. Now it's time for beer and pizza. The Godfather DVD is going on. Tomorrow morning is the traditional beach run followed by a swim in the north sea.
  • 10 miles for me this morning now try to stop falling asleep full of turkey and Xmas pud mmmm brandy sauce.
    Lol at Jason's tale well done for spotting the padlock was not on lol.
    Spoons hope you had a good day mate.
    Tom great to see you, 2012 for the comeback mate.
    Gobi hope you has a great day with the clan.
    Aboo nice Xmas presents I don't work that far away from you, I'm in the Fire Service and am based in Ballymena.
    20 miles planned for tomorrow carb loading on crap now lol.
  • MrSpoons & NP,

    Well done.


    Today's run didn't go according to plan which was 1.75 miles.  I miscalculated when to turn round & ended up doing 2.14 miles image!

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone

    Long run this morning. Couldn't shake the thought of Spoons in the North Sea...hope you enjoyed it!

    Did 13m with the last 8 at goal MP...just about held on to it. Tough run this early in the schedule. I skipped tea last night as I was so stuffed from Xmas lunch, and I ran before breakfast this morning, so now feeling a bit glycogen depleted (cold and dizzy). Hello choccie milk.image

  • Morning all. Hope you all had a good day yesterdayimage Santa brought me some new shorts, running socks, Dean Karnazes' book and a dvd about the Marathon des Sables. Think the missus is trying to get rid of me- lol!image
  • Teknik,

    Hope you're feeling okay now.



    Excellent, lol at Mrs JD.


    Santa got me some Lush goodies & a few other bits & bobs.  This morning went out for a 2 mile run so tomorrow will increase the distance slightly if possible then next run is going to be on Saturday as back to work on Wednesday and work different shifts each day which plays havoc with my routine.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭
    Thanks HY4. All ok...note to self: have an early breakfast.image
  • Teknik,

    Glad to hear that.  I couldn't even contemplate a run before breakfast even if it was only 1 mile.

  • Right, plan is to do at least two marathons in 2012 - but also, I'm looking at the Fellsman 28th/29th April....it is the 50th anniversary for it this year so likely to be a quite a big one. I'm alright at fell running having spent 2 months in the Lake District training for the Bob Graham - plan to do it 2013 (being out 4/5 hours everyday walking and running) so I reckon the hills shouldn't be that bad but 60 miles is a long way....longest distance I've ever run is a marathon (Beachy Head) so the question to the floor is "Can I train for the distance in 4 months or am I just kidding myself?"

    Hope everyong had a good christmas and looking forward to the new year.

  • Jason - I've read the DK book. It starts well but he starts to go on a bit towards the end.......

    Lovely day today. Run on the beach and back along the cliff tops. Then a dip in the sea. Then went for a walk with a picnic lunch. Now time for a snooze in front of a movie image
  • Xmas is cancelled in Spoons's house wrote (see)
    Jason - I've read the DK book. It starts well but he starts to go on a bit towards the end.......

    Goes on a bit? I'd call running 100m+ going on a bitimage Nearly finished it btwimage Well done on your run and dip. I felt like I'd had a dip in the sea today tooimage

    Rob- sounds like a planimage

    12m for me today in a howling gail and driving rain. Legs felt really heavy for first 4m, but was expecting that cos it's always the same if I miss a day. Back to normal by the end though- and had the wind behind me for the second halfimage

  • Hello gang

    Just checking in to say " hi" to you all.

    Another nice day here and a nice run this morning. Still trying to find a marathon plan that suits; settling on a mix of runs with miles at / above hoped for pace .

    Have fun


  • Rob- I'm not running any runs at close to MP at the moment
  • Rob,

    Hi & good luck with plan hunting.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭
    I did and I know it was a mistake.  Fortunately it's another 7 weeks until the next one on the plan...plenty of time for slow aerobic runs
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭
    Damn - mis-read the plan. 3 weeks until next MP finish.
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