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  • Kaz - should I mention it was supposed to be 5 miles at HMP ? :¬)

    10.4 casual miles for me this morning.
  • Just deleted my bookmark to the 2011 thread, I guess that means I've moved over 100% to this thread.
  • Doh! Thanks Jason, not all of the posts seem to have the quote marks though.

    Gobi - If they're not fast runs then I'm in a bit of trouble image

    Rest day for me today, really looking forward to January now when I can focus a lot more.
  • :¬) LOL MF, agree with you about looking forward to January
  • www.gobi70.wordpress.com - Christmas and a little bit on training.
  • Loch Ness is still a long way away at the moment.So im enjoying the opportunity to be running on consecutive days at the moment.

    Getting in a decent base fitness with all my miles at easy pace means thers no pressure to worry about tempos,intervals and all that stuff just now.Im also sufficiently recovered within 24 hours so this allows me to train 5-6 days a week.

    6 miles yesterday @9.36

    4 miles today @9.28

    Plan is to get a long run up to 10 miles by end of January and go from there in prep for the Alloa half in march.Do you guys think i should still be keeping it easy until then with the aim of getting round my first half?Or do i maybe start introducing some strides or progressive tempos into the longer runs?

    As i say the mara is 9 months away so i reckon ive got time on my side before starting more specific training.Thanks again


  • Wow this thread moves fast.  Thank you for adding me to the list.

    There is some good advice on here and I need to try and change my pace as I seem to run the same pace for every training session - slow and steady but now I am going to vary it more. 

  • re pacing.

    Does anyone else have the problem of having a pretty narrow range of pace? I find it hard to stick to the LSR paces because, although 20 miles at 9m/m is relatively easy for me and I have to really concentrate to stay as slow as 9:30 m/m, I can't run 13 miles at 8 m/m or 10k at 7:30 m/m.

    This means my long runs are too fast because I don't feel I'm putting enough effort in if I go any slower than 9 m/m and some of the different runs are pretty similar in pace and adding or subtracting 10% or 20% as some programs suggest doesn't really seem to give that much of a meaningful difference.
  • want to do belfast marathon for 4.30, can anyone guide me for a good training plan for this time?
  • 4 miles easy this morning. Yesterday did 6 miles with 4 at 7mm. Plan something longer and slower tomorrow.

    Good to read you are enjoying the new bike Gobi and how on earth did I miss 2 marathons? image The running miles are building up!

  • Fiona - I didn't really mention it much :¬)
  • Well no running for me for the past two days picked up a cold and its gone stright on to my chest, can't see me running again this yearimage but looking forward to the new yearimage.
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭


    R32..check your inbox. Hope it's what you wanted.

    Rest day today ( cough, I mean Cross Training day).  45 mins on the step machine and 80 press-ups.  The muscle I thought I saw turned out to be a bit of ribcage..still, haven't seen that for a while either.image

  • Well I'd quite like to join in this thread in 2012 if that's OK. My speed is probably less than most of you folk but have a few ultras and a marathon lined up for first half of the year.
  • Gobi-lol I need to learn to read!! Tiredness catching up!!

    Arrived safely in Comrie but sadly no run now,swapping for tomorrow's rest day. Very snowy here and dark and I would get lost.

    Really can't wait to get out!!
  • Welcome Elspethimage.  Which ultras/ maras are you doing?

    Teknik- lol... I told you it was an optical illusion.  A ribcage anyday though rather than a flab of fat ...image

    9.5 miles for me in a pouring rain. Ended up completely soaked.  Not sure why but I do enjoy running against the elements.  5 mile race tomorrow.

  • I went exploring todayimageimage How exciting! Checked out the first part of the Cardiff Ultra route nice and slowly- 8.19 average by the end. My run turned out to be 2.25m longer than expected due to a navigational error- also added 2 minor hillsimage. Better today than on the day though! Also found out that there is a gradual, but relentless climb that goes on for SEVEN milesimageimage. Weather was also very, very wet. Still- a good day out in the unknown and managed to catch my bus back to the beginning with 10 mins to spareimage
  • Did a very wet 16 miles today, last 8 at MP. The run is part of the P&D program but it was due to be run on New Years Day so I thought it sensible to move things around a little as it was a toughie!
  • Gaz- well done- bet it was a toughie. Got to admit though that the MP run so early on was the part I least understood about P&D-??image
  • Cheers Jason, it did strike me as a little "in at the deep end" 17 weeks away from a marathon.
  • Indeed....
  • Gaz - is 20 miles at 9 min mile pace really easy? Sounds unlikely if you can't run 13 miles at 8 min miles.

    My HM pace is 7:10 and my LSR pace is 9:15
  • Ebenezer Gobi- LOL at the Christmas treeimageimage
  • Gobi,

    Great blog.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • Gobi- indeed great blog.

    jason d wrote (see)
    if you're targeting 3.30 (8 min miling) according to P&D you need to run your LRs and medium LRs at 9.36 pace early on and increasing pace to run the last 5-10 miles (start with 5!) at 8.48 pace (MP+ 20% and MP+10%). Tempo runs should be at your current 15k pace (or go with 10m) and intervals should be at current 5k PB pace. Recovery runs need to be slow (below 76% of max HR) and should feel "as if you're storing up energy rather than slowly leaking it".  

    Jason- Thanks for the above.

    I ran 10 miles this morning in beautiful sunshine avg pace was 9.26, so I need to slow down slightly. I started pouring down with rain 30minutes after I got back and hasn't stopped.

    Yesterday I did a 5mile recovery run, avg 9.22 dohimage   will write the correct pace's in my training book tonight.

  • Honestly Spoon. I go from comfortable at 9 m/m to starting to struggle at 8 m/m. I made a concious (sp!) effort tonight and did the first 8 miles in a 9:30 average and the second half in 8:00 average and was shattered at the end.

    My best time for 13.1 miles is 1:48 but when I was training for Chester marathon to get under 4 hours (around 9 mins/ mile) 3 out of my 4 20 mile runs were done at that pace.

    I'm fine at 9m/m but just havn't got much change of pace.
  • Gazelle- it will make all the difference. Last year, I went from 3.13 in VLM in April to 2.56 in Chester in October. The main thing I did? Listen to Gobi and slow down, while losing some weight and logging some milesimage Result- limited slowing and felt good to the end
  • Come to think of it, i'm feeling pretty fresh after today's hilly outing over the Brecon Beaconsimage Why? MP + 2 mins and ready for moreimage 
  • Is it a problem if its not stopping you getting the miles in? I understand theres also a "time on your feet" issue where you are missing (say) 10 mins running over a 20 mile run if you run 30 secs a mile faster.

    Always eager to learn off more knowledgeable folks.
  • Gaz, think you need to read approach by hadd... He basically explains the same as p&d book that unless you do enough slow miles under 75% mhr then the body does not learn to burn fat efficiently and capileries do not adapt in a way that benefits oxygen delivery to muscles ... Which also helps.

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