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  • Hi you lot

    Thanksfor the welcome

    I have entered the Manchester marathon ( ad also the Wilmslow half) for 2012

    Went out in my new trainers today; didi a nice 14 miler in mild and breezy conditions; lngest ever for me ( half was my previuos longest)

    I am going to hold on any mre long runs til after a 10k I am doing at Tatton on 11/12 with my girlfriend; need to get a bit of speed back

    Nice meeting you all

    Oh, i use a Garmin 110; really pleased with it. I post my runs as RobKilby, if anyone wishes to see them

    Off toa concert tonight...be i fall asleep !

  • Hi guys - Used to hang around on here in years gone by, but I have been working abroad for the last couple of years, and my running has gone backwards. Getting it back on track, and have signed up to run the Santiago Marathon in Chile on April 1st, and looking forward to seeing how the rest of you are doing back home.
  • Hi Liam welcome to the 2012 marathon forum! I have a 7 miler planned today, but have to work first and its really really bad weather out there today, so its gonna take determination to get out there! 

    On the brighter side I have ordered my Garmin! It should be here either Tuesday or Wed - cant wait!

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone

    I'm running the Milton Keynes marathon in April.  It will be my fifth attempt at converting a 1h43 Half into a sub-4 marathon (last failure was a 4h15 in Berlin).

    I have been using the "up to 55 miles" 18 week Pfitzinger plan in the past. In the last two years I baulked at the mileage, and cut out the mid week medium run and replaced it with intervals - which was a mistake given that my problem is endurance not speed.  So this time it's unadulterated Pfitzinger, the plan kicking off Boxing day.

    Good luck to all !

  • Hi All,

    What a rubbish week I have had. 8.5 miles on Tuesday and decided to rest for the remainder of the week to get over a cold.  Planned a 12 - 13 mile run for today...  hmmm...  Beautiful day (if not a tad windy) but struggled on, then I got a pain in my butt...  thought it would just wear off, but no...  it got steadily worse, then it rained (too far now to turn back) added to that my ipod stopped working.  Almonst limping home (tail between my legs) I called it a day at 7.3 miles....   My butt...  or glute is still sore...  

     Any ideas of how I could have done this or how to get it better, I really do not want to stop running just when I have got into it...  any advice welcome...


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Hi Jennie

    This stretch normally helps....


  • Hi guys,

     I am moving over to London next year for a couple of years from New Zealand and am going to do my first Marathon! I have done a couple of half marathons recently and have one at the end of Feb just before I leave which I am trying to beat 2 hours!

     Do you guys have any recomendations of good marathons to sign up for I am thinking Sept onwards and though of the lochness which looks great.

  • Thanks Teknik,

    I have been doing my glute stretch and  taking fairly regular Ibrophen.  Should I run on it or rest altogether? While I dont want not to run as had most of last week off due to having the cold, I also dont want to aggreviate the injury....   complete pain in the butt to say the least!!    image

  • Hi Ian,

    I fancy the look of the Loch Ness marathon too, but being that edinburgh marathon will be my first think I should hold off getting excited and signing up for others!!  (added to the fact my training plan is kinda messed up just now) - hope things improve....

    Good luck with whatever you decide on Ian..   image

  • Hi jennie, plenty of time. Best to get rid of the niggle. Maybe a few weeks of 3 mile jogs along side every glute stretch you can find and lots of core work? If it copes with that build again from there?

    Just an idea.

    Better to be niggle free than building mileage with problems?
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Glute pain may be due to a whole range of problems - piriformis syndrome, sciatica, sacroiliac dysfunction, a sacral stress fracture, or (just) hamstring tendonitis.

    I agree with AGF, but if it's really bad - bad enough to make you need pain relief - then personally I'd stop running and see a doctor, or maybe a physio, to work out the source of the pain and advise on rehabilitation exercises.

    Better safe than sorry...
  • Hi again,

    Had my first race in the build up for the April Marathon yesterday. It turned out to be an 8.5Km race, in 30 degree (Celsius) heat, which I completed in 46:40, running pretty much a 5:30 pace per Km. First 4 km was 21 mins, but the heat in the second half took its toll on me.

    No running today, as I am taking it easy, but will continue the build up tomorrow.

  • Hi Ian I agree Lock Ness does look great, and that area of Scotland is very friendly and a good night out, to celebrate! People I have spoken to say its a spectacular race and very well organised, with good views.  But they have warned about the monster hill at mile 19 (I think.)

    Jennie thats a bummer - excuse the pun! but as others have said it would probably be best to get it checked out especially if you are having to take ibuprofen regulaly.  Better to get to the bottom of the problem now that later on having to change your plan significantly or worse give up.  Good luck and let us know how you get on.

    Hi Liam well done on the race bet you felt good afterwards.  I find it extremely difficult to run in any sort of heat so good on you. 

    I had an easy hilly 3 mile last night and really enjoyed it.  Felt like I was just gliding along! I haven't really done any structured running before, I have just been run and see how you do.  But now Im entering a marathon I think its time to step up a gear.  But I need a few pointers, how do you find out what your race pace is? and what is a tempo run?

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Hi Rachel

    If you have any recorded times (even treadmilll ones) you can use race calculators like McMillans to estimate a race pace for the marathon and to establish training paces for different runs. See http://www.mcmillanrunning.com/index.php/site/calculator

    A "tempo" run is also called a lactate threshold run, and is either a series of long intervals or more commonly a continuous run of 3 to 8 miles at or just below your lactate threshold, which for most runners is probably just a little quicker than half marathon pace.  

    The calculators are based on big sample sizes of (I suspect younger) athletes' data, but be aware they are a big approximation for any one individual.  I'm still dreaming of getting within 30 mins of the marathon time I'm supposed to be capable of based on my Half Marathon time. 

    Best to start out slowly, as many people have noted, and experiment with paces as you progress.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭
    ..and sorry, Rachael, for mis-spelling your name.
  • Racheal. If you live near a parkrun on a Saturday noting then suggest doing one as per tekniks idea. Run it eyeballs out and the pace calculators will help.

    IMHO, the main objective for a first marathon is getting to the start line with plenty of training behind you and no injuries or niggles. I found that the best way for me was to run easy pace most the time so I could build mileage without injury. The occasional smaller race helped show I was getting faster by default!
  • @ AGF, Rachael and Teknip....

     Thanks for all your advice.  I'm off the pain killers and the pain my butt is better but still not right. image  So hacked off as it was a fabulous night for running here!! image    I will maybe take try a wee jog tomorrow, will see how it feels.  I have the physio for my left hip (long term problem) on Thursday so I will speak to her about my right butt!!   Hope I am back running soon as I am bored and munching way too much,  also dont want my recent progress to slip back.  Such a bummer!! lol

  • No jog today for me...  back to limping...  image

  • Jennie- I would get it sorted properly before running anymore, if I were you. It could well be that the left hip problem and the right glute issue are linked. Physio on Thursday sounds like the best way forward- but don't rush back until you're ready, otherwise you could end up missing months! Hope it clears up soon with treatment- best of luck!
  • Hi guys

    Is it ok to join in?  I'm doing Copenhagen in May.  It will be my third mara and will be aiming for 3h35min.  Planning to follow the 18 week P&D schedule starting in January to give myself 2 extra weeks in case of sickness/ holiday.  Anyone has got any experience with P&D?


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Hi Mon

    I'm starting the P&D 18/55 on Boxing Day, for the Milton Keynes marathon. 

    I've "used" it the last two years, but if I'm honest I backed away from the hard bits - dropped some of the mileage, didn't do the mid-week medium runs (did 5 x 1m treadmill intervals instead), didn't do all the tune-up races, didn't do all the marathon-pace fast finishes.

    Big mistakes. Result = failure to break 4hrs (4 times now).

    This year I'm going to try to stick to it, to the letter, aiming to get below 3h50 (10 mins safety for any last 5 miles blow-up).

     Be good to hear how you get along with it.

  • I ran the first run on my training plan last night. Only 79 more to go and I'll be stood on the start line of the Brighton marathon image

  •  well done! im more nervpouse about trying to raise the cash for the charity...need ideas badly

    Helen Liz wrote (see)

    I ran the first run on my training plan last night. Only 79 more to go and I'll be stood on the start line of the Brighton marathon image

  • Mon- Hiimage. I've used P&D for my last 5 maras, albeit with a bit of personalisation. Solid plan as long as you stick with itimage
  • Hi guys hows it going? Its blooming wild here tonight, no run for me going on the turbo trainer on the bike though.  Brizo, what about a charity quiz night? They usually go down well, or a raffle? Have you set up a just giving page? If you have facebook or twitter accounts then putting a just giving link on there could be quite worth while.  Just a thought.  How much do you need to raise?

  • I'm signed up for Berlin. My first marathon! Eek image
  • Physio told me today that I have strained my quadratus lumboris... A muscle in my back, causing it to spasm, which is pulling my hip slightly out of alignment. Creating the pain in my butt!! Not allowed to jog until I can take a step without pain, but on the plus side... I have to sit with heat on it as much as possible so I bought myself a new hot water bottle for work!!  Will just relax and not get stressed about the mssing training days.... 

    Lesson Learnt from this : WARM UP!!!  

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭
    Ouch...wishing you a speedy recoveryimage
  • Thanks Teknik.  I will do as told...  Rest, heat and warm ups!!  Will work on Core stability in mean time..

  • Brizo- how about baking some cakes and selling them at work- it usually goes down a treatimage

    Teknik- yup, I can see how sticking to the mid week long runs and running big chunks at MP can be tough... Will see how it goes.

    Jason- will be good to pick your brain in that case!

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