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    SD - Mr Rex sorted us out with the new thread...we're over here:

    Well done Chrissi,fiona,run jono and anyone else who's posted their times/reports since I last congratulated people,some fantastic efforts being put in image

    Lol at the nuts Run jono image
  • Six mile recovery run at just sub-9 minute/mile pace, everything still works image

    Three photos I took on the way round:








  • Wow,stunning pics FR.....tried a practise run across Llandudno Asda car park and quads not having it, the buggars are having' tomorrow though image

    Great to read more reports...everyone should be proud of themselves regardless of time x
  • It was tremendous weekend. So amazed at everyone's stories. It was great to see familiar faces on TV last night.

    To shake out my legs, I walked from Betws-Y-Coed to Dolwyddelan castle. Beautiful day! Boy was the mud deep. Enough, took the bus back. Tomorrow will move on to Dolgellau for a few days. Hope everyone is recovering well.
  • BRER no rush i'm taking the week outimageyou atleast earnt that much

  • I made it up to the summit and back today, it had to be done and the legs felt pretty good! Was glad to get to the bottom again not sure how much more steep down my knees would have held out for!!!

    So glad we didn't have yesterday's weather for the race!!!
  • Hey mm61....we made it after all image
  • 4 .15m nice and slow for me tonight, just to get the legs loosened for stretching. Downhills are an issue at the moment..... image
  • Hi all, just wanted to pop back on and say a big thank you for the last minute tips when I posted last week. I absolutely loved the race and despite not having a clue what I was launching into, I thought it was such a beautiful route that it kind of took the pain of those hills away en route!!
  • BRER  i hope you well chuffed with your time you should beimagehow did your injury hold out mine only troubled me from around waunfawr to end,overall i loved it

    JD take a rest mateimage

  • For those who think i did not complete the course my photograph is no 187 in the last group of photographs.

    There were times i wanted to pull out but getting around the course is no problem, its getting around in comfort that the problem.

    I now have 17 coasters and plan to make it 18 next race

  • PJL - No one suggested you didnt finish but officially you have gone down as a DNF so did for finish. That is want the record books will show. Why didnt you wear your chip? Surely you wanted an official time and recognition of your achievement??? bizarre!

    For anyone interested I've posted by race report on my blog here -

    Managed to retrieve my mile splits too from a very dead garmin!! Despite it dying at exactly 24.2 miles into the race I can deduce from this that the final two miles from run at 6mpm avg pace and certainly the latter one was faster image
  • Sorry for the terrible grammar in last post... It's late and I'm tired. Off to bed me thinks... Good night all.
  • PJL did you finish or not? Is that you trying to hide your face on the pics?
  • 5h22 for me & Mrs Lemmy... Delighted as made cut off in good time and ran/walked as ITB screaming at me... Managed a trot from mile 25... All good on course APART FROM three cyclists (bloke & old man & woman) who were cycling along supporting a lady runner, who was doing fine anyway... They were cycling with the runners and the old biddy nearly hit Mrs Lemmy... They also had a support van which overtook us then stopped, blocking road... Once I called them the C word (not Christmas or Cancer) they backed off... Isn't wheeled support like this banned and possible DQ offence? I hope they're reading this...

    Rest of my running buddies were fantastic, support and camaraderie along the way was unbelievable... Felt NEVER AGAIN, but slowly being bought around... See you next year?
  • PJL, afraid UDS is right.

    From TDl site:

    2012 Snowdonia Marathon

    Peter Lewis

    Gun time: DNF

    Overall position: DNF

    Chip time: DNF

    Chip position: DNF

    Gender position: 0 of 1811

    Category position: 0 of 303

    Why no chip???
  • On a more positive note, great interview with your mate Iorwerth on the coverage last night image Nice touch to give him number 30 to commemorate the anniversary too image
  • Lemmy I had issues with one cyclist in particular, riding just in front of me for miles, supporting another runner, kept getting in my way. Pissed me off!
  • PJL I don't think a single finisher got round 'in comfort'image
  • I almost got hit by a car - on a straight section, missed me by about an inch.
  • Still enjoying the 'afterglow' of a great day, tv coverage was good, like some others I had 1 second, I think it was during the second interview early on , & I was in loo queue in my bright red hoody with Olympics medics in big lettering on back - even at my age a glimps on tv is wow! Tv coverage of my pal John Bach was good , and a great time John. And great to see Iorwerth interviewed before & after as until the last hill we oscillated . Megalilly - things can get good in our 50s , in 2010 I broke my 24yr marathon pb by 3 mins, won my first ever race - ok only 6 of us doing the fetch mile -planned for ~7min - I got a v pleasing 6:49. And Saturday for me was amazing , I was full of nervous trepidation , more about rain than anything else, as I'd watched / supported the previous 2 years in atrocious conditions. But for me it seemed to click Saturday. An early pace with a pal, around sub5 goal pace and slightly under, then as he dropped pace on the long hill other side of Beddgelert, I just seemed to get in the zone. And Waunfawr and the last hill didn't seem as bad as I'd thought. Maybe the effect of early steady pace, 2 caffeine gels within 3miles, putting my tempo music on ( sorry if my mobile disco disturbed anyone at Bwlch y groes- most seemed to want eye of the tiger) and probably that I had some hill training in the legs. My usual 16 miler has testing hills in second half . And the finish photos seem to capture my sprint for sub 5- goal achieved . No445 davies. My only dilemma - can it get better? Must train for rain now !
  • I think PJL usually races with number 108 and didn't want to race under any other number ?
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Sorry, Stu.  Just curious, that's all.  But like you say one to forget and move on!  You did very well here for 70th position.

    Support crews accompanying runners whether on bike or motor vehicle are not allowed.  You should report any runners receiving such aid, especially because of the way that other runners are impeded.  I think the phrase is "stand and hand" - bystanders can pass drinks, etc.

    You OK, Nicola?  I don't think you enjoyed your second half too much, did you?

    On that theme also sorry to see Dennis Walmsley, former multiple winner of this event, fading badly in the second half to 62nd and 3:15.

    BritNick I see you achieved the final target you set yourself, not the one I set you!!

    Roger H, if you're there, I also see you vastly exceeded your target!

    Keep the reports coming in ...


  • morning all


    talking of bikes.looking at the tv pictures the second place guy had a cyclist with him a few times.......the commentary even showed him being giving a drink by him..........I thought this wasn't allowed in races...and although maybe ignored further down theline .not somethiung you would expect futher up the field........

    i wish they would put something in the literature because if all 2000 took a cyclist with them it would be chaos.......


  • such a brilliant option of vest and shorts was perfect....the armwarmers came off at mile 2 and went back on somwhere around mile 13.............and back off on the final rain coat was tied around my waist for the whole run and luckily wasn't needed....

    managed to run all of the first hill and was ok until about mile the last few months I have managed a 9 mile run and 3or 4 of the 4mile i knew it was going to be hard.........and from mile 9 to 14ish it was hard....i ran / wlaked and then i seemed to pick up  and managed to keep going run wlaking till waunfawr.never walking more than a lampost.........

    I did unfortunately lose my buff on the first half of the route...........I am gutted,,,must have been when i was pouring some water on my head to keep cool.......if anyone found an black and orange buff with pictures of runners/ cyclist / and swimmers on i would love to hear as it is from a very special race for me...........

    the climb from waunfawr was tough.walked it all but walked some of it backwards so that i could enjoy the stunning views..........and then managed to run the flat and downhill feeling strong which wa s asuprise...............5:17.........pleased tat i finished wiyhout injury and still standing..........

     it really is a brilliant race..said hi to a number of you........glad that everyone seemed to have had a good experience....

     a lovely gentleman was running up waunfawr whilst i was was his 417th a way to liveimage

  • Great story Seren Nos, enjoyed your post. I had a great experience too, stil hasn't sunk in. Need to GET OVER being annoyed about my leg flaring up after 13m. I'm amazed i ever considered entering let alone finishing!

    My splits from 13 to 22 were rubbish but I daren't go faster in case the pain got unmanageable. My long hill training runs were faster than my average on Saturday. As I suspected I found the run up to bwlch a groes from Waunfawr was far 'easier' than the descent. Seems I can do hills...

    Just need to find out what's wrong with my leg, fix it, and with more prep I think I could post 4:15 in 2014???. A real shame I have to be away next year, I will follow this forum though, it's truly INSPIRATIONAL, my thanks to EVERYONE!
  • T_Rex I think it is safe to say I didnt enjoy the second half very much image

    My race didnt go to plan....all training had gone well, much better than any other year but hey ho on the day it didnt happen.  Had been ill for the two weeks running up to it but thought i was feeling better, obviously not enough.image  It took one hell of a lot of mental strength just to finish ...I had a few miles where i would happily of jumped in a car if someone had stopped....even thought about sticking my thumb out.  Funnily enough it took the last hill to sort me out which i did religiuosly with 20 paces of walk 20 run   .... then seeing panad at the very top spurred me on for the free fall down the other side.....image

    I was very, very happy to finish so the time really was irrelavant ...couldnt even tell you exactly whatt it was.....3:47 something!!!   I ended up with a fifth in my catagory and 24th lady .... will have to do a return run now won't I ??image

    Have to say you were sorely missed  ... snod just wasnt quite the same...hope you wife is feeling a little better. image

  • Oh and yes the views were stunning, the sun was out, it was fresh and bracing, there was no mud or water anywhere BUT give me the usual SNOD weather anytime ...image

  • Hey Nicky,sorry to hear you weren't a happy bunny but still a brill time matey!!
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