Ras Cors Caron Half Marathon

jason djason d ✭✭✭
Don't know where the ratings from previous years' races have gone, but I'll be back for my 3rd outing around the wilds of  Tregaron! A challenging, but great race and one of my firm favourites- I especially like the great bowl of cawl at the endimageimage


  • I might come and have a go again enjoyed this race and the wooly hat was great. As long as it doesnt clash with Rhayader will have to check

  • Sandra- Thanks! I'd forgotten the wooly hat- another one for the collection! I mean what more can anyone ask- the wooly hat and a bowl of cawl would cost you more than the entrance fee!image
  • I will be there tooimage
  • MM- I'll give you a lift if you wantimage
  • Hello guys might have a go again after i really struggled last time,due to too much beer the night before.run the shifnal HM and knocked 7 minutes off my ras cors time Has any one seen that the greater manchester Marathon is back on the map after 10 years.have entered this as my first full marathon as i only live up the road.might see in feb

  • paul- marathon-wise I'll be doing VLM, Snowdonia and either Chester or Abingdon. Probably Chester cos I enjoyed it so much this year- cracking race, but toying with the idea of Abingdon for a flatter course. See you in the hills in Febimage
  • JD i will start training for this one on Jan 2nd,with my diet and alcohol controll i will going for a PB for that race which is sub 1hr 34image
  • MM- good man. I'm hoping for an overall PBimageimageimage 
  • A couple of us are coming up from south wales. any advise on the course etc

  • Hi paul

    starts in stretford (about 3 miles out of the centre of town), passes man utds ground at about the half way mark it is quite a nice area called dunham massey a little rural. ends back at the start in longford park .

    It is supposed to be one of the flattest courses in the world,and good for beginners and pb,s

    There is a great website that gives all the info,map of the course,training plans etc the website is-


    You might be better booking a hotel soon as manchester gets very busy at the weekends and i think the marathon will attract 8-10K

    Good Luck

  • HMM that doesnt sound like the Sunday, 12 February 2012
    Ras Cors Caron Half Marathon
  • LOL!

    This is the course elevation according to my Garmin. Hope it helpsimage
  • Tis a tad bumpyimage
  • oops! thought you meant the manchester marathon.its hilly in parts and as mad mark commented last year the killer for me was the stretch along the disused railway line seems to go on for ever.nice wooly hat and well worth the money
  • Paul W - might see you at both.  Cors Caron likely to be my first ever half, and Greater Manchester will be my first ever marathon. 

    Other parts of the old railway are a regular run of mine, so I'm mentally prepared for the interminable straightness!  Already looking forward to a wooly hat and some cawl


  • Ignore my post about the elevation- just realised that my Garmin didn't record the first mile or so last year! Here's the profile taken from the year before!


    Believe it or not, the flat section between 8m and around 11m is one of the toughest parts- it seems to go on forever!
  • This looks good. I'm following the Garmin sub 3:30 training schedule for VLM (http://bit.ly/sub330marathon) and need a half-mara on Feb 12. Was hoping for something a bit easier than this though!

    Is it road surface the whole distance or is there trail too?

    Also, will I be able to get back to Cardiff in time for Wales v Scotland KO @ 3pm?!?
  • Dont think you will make it back to Cardiff by 3 pm,unless your surname is Loebimage
  • jason djason d ✭✭✭
    td- mostly road- the flat bit is a grit path image get back to Cardiff? Depends how fast you run/driveimage You could always relax and watch it over a hot bowl of free cawl in Tregaron rugby clubimage I have used this in the build up to London for the last couple of years- Llanelli half fits in nicely too and is a far flatter, if exposed, course
  • Awww... was fearing you'd say that! Google says 2hrs 15mins - http://g.co/maps/kbd35. I guess a 1:45 + cawl = 2hrs, but I'll be b@ggered if I'll want to jump straight in the car after that!
  • jason djason d ✭✭✭
    td- go for 1:30-?image
  • jd - hahaha obviously you missed the gradient / profile pics on p1!
  • Anyone heard from the organisers? I'm beginning to worry because my cheque hasn't been cashed yet.
  • yes i have had an email from then , as below:

    Thanks for your entry for the race on the 12th Feb .Numbers and cawl tickets can be collected from the registration desk in the Tregaron Leisure Centre from 9.30am on race day.
    Hope for reasonable weather and a good run.
    Best wishes

    MJR Jenkins
    email Ray@brenigins.freeserve.co.uk
    Mobile 07989 680840

  • Thanks Paul, I'll email Ray. Cheers.
  • Been on the bench since last Saturday after putting my back out lifting the shopping!!image Managed 6.3m slow tonight without any pain so looks like I'll be starting Sunday- legs a bit rusty though....or maybe the rest will make me freshimageimage

    See you all on the day. I'll be wearing my blue and white TROTs vest- there'll be a few of us though

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