Steyning Stinger Marathon



  • SDM, I went past you and said hello but it was so windy I don't think you heard!

    Just over 4 hours for me but what a day! Totally enjoyed the hostile conditions. It made muscles ache a little more than usual with the slipping around. I can't believe some runners attempted that in road shoes!

    I could do that all over again! Fab
  • Anyone know how the Stinger compares to Beachy Head? Have done Beachy Head 12 times but never done the Stinger- which 1 is harder?

  • Have a look at the other thread on this forum for course profiles. Found it very interesting. I personally found Beachy tougher as many of the climbs come later on. Steyning has a nice downhill and flat finish. By the time 22 odd mile marker comes up you're laughing. Should be decent conditions on Sunday too. Last year was tough going. Enjoy! Can't wait.
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