Want to run with Chrissie Wellington?

Those special few on Twitter may have seen that Chrissie Wellington has announced that she's going for a "casual run" from Speakers Corner, Hyde Park. London at 12.15pm on Thursday 3 November and all are invited.

Be warned though, FlatFooted has said he might be there, so not all good news! image

I bet her casual run will be a little quick for me, but it's a rare opportunity to do something a bit different, so I'm hoping to be there, Pirated up of course, trying to avoid FF!


  • That will be a special comedy moment, Chrissie being chased by every red blooded triathlete within a five mile radius. image
  • It's going to be embaressing when Glad and I lose her by the first bend as were blowing out of our hoops at the back.
  • Now Gladys you're going to have to resist the urge to throw Marmite at her (since it's all you have in common image)

    Edited for rogue punctuation

  • And marmalade! You cant forget the marmalade!

    Have to have both together!!!

  • I reckon our only hope of finishing remotely in the same time zone is if its a 2-lapper and we 'let' her catch us at the end of her second / our first!
  • You could offer to hold the collection bucket so you'll have an excuse to be at the back
  • Gaz

    Fur Cough    image
  • I prefer to keep my meetings with Chrissie one on one image
  • I didnt realise she had a visiting order   image
  • Its a bit of a shame as im working in London on Wednesday image
  • Which is probably why she booked Thursday !!!
  • Would be great to have a solid pirate turnout.

    Apparently 45mins run at "conversation pace" apparently. So a Pirate speed session then!
  • Mmmmm, Thursday is my day off image Am very tempted. Although I don't have my pirate top yet. Could have my pirate water bottle sticking out my backpack though.

    Might combine it with some Christmas shopping.... for me!

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    Fur Cough    image
    So it is true what Gladys was saying image
  • 5 miles in 45 conversational minutes may limit my conversation to "yes", "no" and "fur cough". Hardly on the Stephen Fry or Peter Ustinov scale of raconteuring, but I'll have a go.

    I won't be wearing my larey yellow pirate clobber, mind. Wonderful as it is for garnering support in the last, exhausting stages of a race, it looks pretty deathly any other time. Hyde Park at lunchtime ain't the time to sport a bright yellow sausage skin and hotpants. Not unless I can fit in a full body wax and a spray tan it isn't anyway.

    See you there chums.
  • sorry guys - I can't understand why you'd want to do this and get caught up with a bunch of other wannabees. it's all about celeb culture surely and you're going to get surrounded by a load of people who want to have their picture taken with her?? what else is the purpose??

    don't get me wrong - Chrissie is a great athlete and great ambassador for the sport but I think she's getting carried away with her celebrity now. I've no idea who's advising her on PR but I think she can do better things than this if she wants to either promote the sport or do something for the charidees she supports..

    [sticks colander on head an awaits the bricks....]

  • Yes, but you get to meet up with other pirates image.

    Chrissie and I have already kissed anyway, so I can safely stay at the back. And if I come I WILL be pirated up. Come on STIL. Man up.image (How to befriend a person you've never met before image)

  • I agree with you AH. I do virtually all my training alone and love the opportunity to run with others. It may be about PR, but why not have a bit of fun too. And that will be my speed session for the week.

    (okay, and I have promised my little girlies, who all aspire to be triathletes, that I will get a photo of Chrissie. My second daughter did a project on her for a Brownie badge and is completely awestruck image and I can't think of a healthier role model)

  • *throws a brick at FB's head*

    Never one to pass up an opportunity like that...


  • [bounces off the colander......]

  • fat buddha wrote (see)
    [bounces off the colander......] image
    Well, he knew someone would shout at him image
  • Booooo guys, no running with Chrissie, turns out she needs and cant get a license.

    From her tweets just out...

    "Big Problem. Cant get license for large groups from Park Police. Will have to cancel run & reschedule for later in year. So sorry!"

    "Thanks so much to everyone. Response to the run has been overwhelming! Apologies to everyone who made plans.Will organise for nxt few mths"

    "Issue is that I need a permit for big groups. If I don't have one. I get arrested. But i will arrange a run in the coming months, i promise!"

    Feel most sorry for little Miss Chillibean! image

    [starts applying heat to FB's metal colander, just for fun!]
  • Oh No! Yeah, I admit I'm really disappointed. Have been craming to get my work done in two days so I could go.

    And I was looking forward to meeting Artful Henimage

  • see - I knew it would be a waste of time...... image

    [singes fingers taking hot colander off head.......]

  • I wouldn't worry about not meeting AH. You've not missed anything special! image

    [waits for Mouse to take aim again at FB, now the Colander is gone!]
  • image
  • she'd probably miss......women can't throw. fact.
  • Ive already hugged her twice image
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