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Dear all,

I have been running now for 2yrs and i have completed 2 half marathons 5+ 10k runs,and got my PBs along the way,i am a little concerned about my weight,i used to be this Pie muncher,kebab and pizza lover,a long with X amounts of lager,since i started running i have shed 3.5 stone in certain areas,i am now stuck at a point where i cant seem to be losing anymore off my large belly i have lost some but there i still some there,i am running with cling film wrapped around my belly to try a lose more fat off it,im more concerned about my arms they seem to be getting thiner.

All suggestions welcome


  • I am not sure how the cling film will help

    I am not sure if skinny arms are a problem

    You may need to think about toning what you have in order to lose the weight rather than anything else, light weights with high reps or a core stability class will do you much better than cling film IMO
  • Try ankle weights as you run.

    And maybe take one of those bars that you push the ends together, that's bound to help.

  • You may have reached a plateau where the excerise your doing no longer is sufficient to continue weight loss, you may need to look at your excercise regime, mix it up a bit.

    how's the cling film working for you?

  • ross riley wrote (see)

    Try ankle weights as you run.

    And maybe take one of those bars that you push the ends together, that's bound to help.

    Never.  use ankle weights

  • Hi M, i do weights and core work so i dont think its that,i aint got a problem with skinny arms,but i want the extra pounds of my belly,im thinking of trying T5 fat burning pills?

    Jwheezy i think the cling film is doing something coz after a run and i take off the cling film its that wet with sweat you can ring it out like a soaking wet towel?

  • ick that sounds gross!  You will just be sweating more and losing water - not podge.

    You cant spot reduce fat so if your current routine isnt working for you then try mixing it up a bit.  You dont mention what you currently do but maybe try different intervals/hill reps etc.  Or something completely different and do a circuit/boxing class.

    Good luck.  And please ditch the cling film!!   image

  • Clingfilm? Jeez. Dumber than a dumb thing. All that makes you do is sweat, and is collecting the sweat rather than letting it evaporate. That *isn't* weightloss.
  • Trix i will ditch the cling film,my weekly routine is,30miles most weeks,some are 15 to 20,i do try to rotate it week by week,i run 3/4 times a week a long one at weekends 10mile+,i do mix it up i do a hilly run,i do my long run at a slower pace hoping thats my fat burning session,then i do a fast one,then just a run what ever i feel like,i run between 7/8min mile pace,slower run around 8.30 pace,two days a week i do core strength,twisters,standing crunch,lying crunch,leg rasies plus calf flicks,press ups,lat pull downs,my diet consists of porridge,eggs,chicken,brown rice,fish,veg,all that a runner needs,its that final pinch the inch or two i cant shift.


  • Finney glad your ditching the cling film, you sound like your doing all the right things, running wise and nutrtionally, with time i'm sure you'll getto where you want to be.


  • Thanks Jwheezy
  • I think most folk find it easy to lose weight when they are seriously over, but it gets more difficult as you get down to the last stone or so. Try the long green weigh loss thread, or one of the other weight loss threads on here.

    I think a bit of weight training might help build muscle, which helps both in terms of shape, and by increasing basal matebolic rate.

  • Thanks tri,but im already doing weights and core work 3 times a week,and running 30miles+,like you say it might be that ive shifted 3.5 stone,which was a big challenge, i feel im just running and running but getting know where now.

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