Favourite Winter Events?

Hi everyone,

I'm training for what will hopefully be my first spring marathon in Brighton next year, and this week I'm facing the reality of training in the dark and cold weather, and at unsociable times when everyone else has gone to the pub! 

To keep me motivated, I'm looking for some good races to enter over the winter. So far I've been looking at the Brooks Brighton 10km in November, and the Brighton Half Marathon in February, but haven't found much over December and January.

What are your favourite winter races? They can be any distance, any terrain, any location (I'm based in London, frequently travel to Brighton and South Wales, and am happy to make a weekend away of it for good races).

Cheers! Xine  image


  • There's usually at 10 miler at Buntingford (Herts) just after Christmas - on the 27th this year.

    Or the Harrietsham (Kent) 10k, similar time.

    January brings the Benfleet 15 - fifteen miles of mud and rough terrain, or the Dartford 10 (both on 22nd Jan),

  • Thanks Wilkie, I will have a look at all of those image I do like the sound of the Benfleet 15 - I think I'm becoming a bit of an expert at muddy races this Autumn!

  • I've never done it myself, but I believe you need to do your laces up good and tight if you don't want to lose a shoe!

    I'll be doing the Dartford 10 that day - all on the road image

  • Pre Christmas races. Worthing Duck Pond Waddle 15k ish 4/12 or/and week after Mince Pie 10 at Peacehaven. Nice cheap off road events.
  • Brilliant, thank you for those recommendations. Only £7 for the Mince Pie 10, what a bargain! The photos of the Duck Pond Waddle look great, good muddy fun image

    Wilkie, I might have to borrow a trick from my Glastonbury festival days and gaffer tape the trainers to my feet! 

  • That depends as to whether or not November can be called 'winter-time'

    1. If so, I nominate the Bingley Harriers organised 'Harriers verses Cyclists' as my favourite winfer race



     it's damned good funimage (I've ridden it twice, & run it twice)

    2. Then for January there's Eileen & Dave Woodheads 'Stanbury Splash' near Haworth



    The Brownlees recently nominated Dave for a BBC 'Unsung Heroes award


  • Tadworth 10 in January is always on my list of winter races.  Its tough but a great race.
  • Brilliant, thank you both!

    Richard - I think November definitely counts as Winter, ever since the clocks went back I've been fighting the urge to eat the contents of my kitchen and curl up under a duvet until Spring!

    Keep the recommendations coming image

  • xine267 wrote (see)

    Brilliant, thank you both!

    Richard - I think November definitely counts as Winter,

    There's one thing I like about events like 'H v C'

    Stars like Alistair, Jonny Brownlee & Rob Jebb ('Three Peaks' fell-race & cyclo-cross race multiple winner) are 'Bingley' members, so you're lining up with them

    There's no pretension from them, they're there to get muddy & enjoy themselves too

     - even to the extent of also getting washed in the canal afterwardsimage

  • Rough'n'tumble 10m XC in Milton Lilbourne around second week in January, Meon Valley Plod, 20m XC in Mid Feb. The other one which is sold out but places usually ome up nearer the time is Grizzly in Seaton, Devon. Another 20m XC. All great races in my book.

    Road in winter? When there's all that lovely mud about?

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • How about the Mortimer Forest 10 miler. Ludlow on December 11th. Hilly, muddy and cheap! (Its pretty tough though)
  • Thanks for those recommendations! Mortimer Forest is a distinct possibility, and the Rough n' Tumble 10m would be good as there is not much else happening in those first weeks of 2012. (and it will make sure I get out for a run over Christmas!)
  • Tadley XC

     Can't make it this year business trip in Egypt but it's close to London (just south of reading) and it's a great event.


  • Thanks very much for the recommendation Piers! I will definitely keep Tadley in mind for next year ...

    After lots of deliberation and research, I've decided to do the Llanelli 10 miler on 4th December. The last time I raced in Llanelli I ran through hailstones, sideways rain and a sandstorm, so I feel like I have unfinished business with the course. Although I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is a little bit better this time.

    But more recommendations for events on different weekends are very welcome! image 

  • We look forward to welcoming you to Tadley next year. As Piers says, we think it's a great event. It's now in its 22nd year and growing in popularity.

    Not a bad trip, about 50 miles west of London on the Hants - Berks border, about 6 mles north of Basingstoke and 12 miles sourh-west of Reading. As a bonus there's free hot soup at the finish!

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