Avebury 8

Thought I'd start one.

Pity the H&S people seem to have forced a route change. Lets see what fun the stiles brings.

Looking forward to this, purely for the mug!

If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming


  • Looking forward to this too.

    Should be interesting as its going to be my first ever trail race!  Any tips for me?

  • Hi Penlills.

    How much running have you done off road?

    In mud/low grip sections it's all about putting your energy into forward momentum rather than your foot slipping back as you push off. You may find it easier to shorten your stride so you push off with less force and placing your foot flat as you land. Shortening your stride will also reduce the chance of your foot slipping forward as youo place it. There's a fair amount of hard track & tarmac along with the mud so depending on how cushioned your trail shoes are (If you have trail shoes) you could find yourself faster overall in road shoes but that would make the muddier sections quite hard work. (Personally I'm in two minds as I have to slow down considerably on hard surfaces as my trail shoes have no pading whatsoever. I'll probably wear some roadies)

    Enjoy it.

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Thanks for advice Chimney.

    Im a hardcore road runner really and ive only just started venturing into the world of off road running in the last couple of months.  Ive picked myself up a pair of Mizuno wave ascend 6 shoes and im quite pleased with them so far, they seem to cope quite well on tarmac/gravel as well as they do on mud.

     Thanks again,  should be a good race by the sounds of it!

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