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Hi there!

I road run in Asics GTs.....i do a mix of gravel paths/grass/uneven ground etc.

Can anyone recommend a lightweight offroader?



  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    I have Adidas Kanadia's for trail running, but from what you mention any lightweight trainer will cope.  If it gets muddy/wet/slippery the trail shoes help, but the grip dies quickly if you use them on the type of surfaces you mention when hard packed.

    Kanadias are about £45 in SportsDirect at the moment, but they have cheaper alternatives which may be better suited.

  • Mizuno Wave Harrier is a reasonable compromise to begin with.
  • Hi Rebecca... have a look at the Roclite 268..  a friend of mine bought some a few weeks ago because she wanted a mixed terrain shoe with a slight bias towards off-road...  She loves them...

  • Saucony Peregrine-light and grippy but can handle the road too
  • Anyone know how the sizes of Peregrines compare with ASICS GT2160's?  I think I heard they come up different, but can't find where now.

  • I love my Brooks Trail Blades, have never (touch wood) tripped or slipped in them, and find them grippy but not clumpy.

  • Had been running in a pair of chunky gore lined off-roaders from Adidas, and hating them. Just recently gone for a pair of NB MTE 101's as a contrast. So far they are everything I wanted - very light, low profile (no turned ankles for me! - I hope), easy in, easy out for water, fab grip (I was worried about lug wear as most of my off-road runs include a mile or two on roads, but no sign of wear at all yet), and only £35 from Sportsshoes. 

  • I currently have Newton Terra Momentus. These are great for trails and are quite light. For more offroad, I have an old pair of Saucony Grid Offroaders, which are great upto about 10km then really started to hurt my feet, but are also quite light, and a pair of old Walsh PBs which are horrible on trails, but good in mud and snow and are very light.

  • anyone know of a pair which come up reasonably wide. also for a runner who needs "light stability". in road shoes, I wear ASIC 1170s...thanks

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