Hi all, please go to as we have a choice of two pubs for post race meet-up.

The directions for the Fox and Hound are not the easiest, so another is being put forward as an alternative, The Crispin, which is in the same road as where the race car parks are (couldnt be simpler!!

Please note here what your preference is, I have included a map on the link page to help you decide, it may take a few seconds to load if you are using a standard modem.

Right off down the pub, I expect at least 10 replies by the time I get in at 1am :)


  • Hi Paul.
    Crispin gets my vote, looks easier to find, and its got a garden to chuck the wife and kids into!!!!!!!!!
    but what pub are you in tonight, not many in Sudbury ope till 1.00am-xcept easterns.

  • Legless, he'll find one.

    The directions to the Fox & Hounds do look a little confusing. It sounds like it'll be a lot easier to go to the Crispin.

    The place will be full of runners, how will we regognise each other?

    bobble hats? pink carnations? finishers medal looped over left ear?
  • Pizza man, How will we recognise each other ??? Give you a clue .... U.R.W.F.R.C. and Vests !!!!!

    Natty noodle, Does The Crispin do food through the afternoon and will they be able to cater for a load of us ?
  • Hi al, cant believe there are only 3 replies so far :(

    Well, to answer various questions, yes the Crispin does food all day (the F&H stops at about 3pm), yes I will certainly be in URWFRC kit and hopefully loads more will too. Hopefully some of us will have met up befre the race also at the pre-race point, which will help metting for the pub.

    Legless and Pizza Man, yes of course I found a pub that is open until 1am, actually two weeks ago they were still serving at 2am!! I wont give the name here in case the thought police are about :) but if anyone is out in Sudbury sometime and wants a late drink then I will make sure that you are in the right place!

  • Hey Natty, as an old sudbrian and a practising landloard, SHAME on the man who serves after hours.
    You will all reconise me at the pub, i will be the man crawling in pleading for a pint-lol
    see you all there
  • Not sure I'll be around after the race , so I hope to catch up with a few people before.
  • F & H would have been a better bet for me, BUT since they food would have stopped before some of you finish it doesn't realy make sense. I can't say for certain at this stage if I will be around after the race so the choice must lie with those that will be meeting up.
  • The main differences are.....

    Fox and Hounds
    Good - Large car Park
    Bad - Food stops at 3pm
    Bad - Not as straighforward directions

    Good - Food served all day
    Good - On the same road as the race car parks so easy to find
    Bad - Doesnt have a large car park, would probably involve some parking in the road next to the pub

    Other than that, they both sell drink and are open all day, and both have a garden area.
  • Hi NN

    How far is the Crispin from the actual finish area? I expect that by the time I finish you'll all be on your second or third pints!!!

    I'd love to join you all after but I'm coming on the train with Mrs GFB and the little GFBs (6 & 3), Mrs GFB does not drive and I won't drink if I'm driving plus I want to make a complete day of it.

  • Hi GFB, I would think I may be one of the last forumites to leave the Park, as I would like to congratulate everyone as the finish, and dont like rushing around as soon as a race is finished either.

    The Crispin is about 2 miles away they said
  • Good luck chaps.
  • RU not joining us Barkles???????????
    To be honest, I dont care which pub, cos as long as it sells beer.......................
  • Guys,

    Either pub looks great to me. Both pubs look quite a long way away on the map though - are they walkable? Take pity on us carless pikeys who need to get back to a train station afterwards as well please!

    BTW George - cheers for the vest swap, new one fits perfectly. Hope your arrives in good time.

  • Hi venom, surely there will be spare places in cars that are leaving the car parks and going to the pubs, and then they can go home via the train station?

    Anyone got spare places in cars for this?
  • Unless three people from South Wales ( or the M4 corridor ) want a lift to Windsor, I'll have room in my car.
  • Cheers George, its co-operation like this that makes this forum so helpful, thanks
  • I can offer a lift to 2 or 3 people back from the race to Essex (Chigwell environs - can prob put you onto public transport somewhere).

    Email me if interested.

  • Excellent Waapster, cheers for the assistance
  • Can all people that may have trouble getting to the pub (whichever one) but that wish to go, please either post here, or just send me an email direct, so that I can see how many people this is, thanks
  • Hey Waapster.......... I am in Abridge !!!!!!!!
    Dont need a lift, got a whole enterage, coming to support me, hope to see you there.
    Natty-keep up the good work!!!!!!!
  • I'll go wherever the Dogg takes me!
  • Hi Legless, where do you run? Most of my miles are dispatched in Hainault Country Park.

  • I see there is a debate on where to go afterwards.

    Personally, I would not wish to drive anywhere within 1 to 2 hours of the finish, due to the chaos leaving the carparks, nor would I wish to navigate a route 2 miles to a pub on foot, and then 2 miles back to the carpark, just for a drink.

    Let's face it, only the diehards will bother, and it'll fizzle out as people turn their attention to getting home afterwards.

    It would be better to meet at the licensed beer tent on the site, so there will be no walking/driving problems, and there is a chance most people are then likely to look in.
  • Hi Snoop, thats a brill idea, glad that someone has some prior knowledge of this event to know about these tents, ok what do you all think about this???

    Also I notice in the race pack that there are various other attractions there on the day, do you think that we should maybe go with standing by one of these like the bouncy castle or something similar, rather than the toilets idea (in case they have moved)???

    Cheers Snoop, hope you had a great hol as well
  • the second paragraph above relates to the meeting point beforehand.
  • If there's a beer tent on site then that's for me.

    Saves a lot of hassle....
  • Does teh beer tent have beds?
  • Hope they sell guinness..........
  • probably! I went out last night on the raz (which was a bit silly really) and I feel like a baked turd. Can we please stop talking about booze... It is only 10:25!!!
  • ok Jon, I enjoyed my guinness last night though :)
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