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Thinking subscribing to runners world it worth it?


  • Probably worth it for about a year and then they start repeating themselves  image
  • I look forward to it landing on the doormat ... mind you I've only been running for about a year so if they repeat themselves I haven't noticed yet ... image

  • M..eldy sums it up pretty well, however that is a problem for most magazines that I have susbcribed to - golf, walking, photography  -they are all based around the seasons.

    I have not subscribed for several years now but I think I will sign up again. I liked the race reviews and the photographs of a great run that used to be very early on in the magazine.

    It is not that expensive when ordered on subscription, what have you got to lose 15West?


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  • Worth it for the fit bird on the cover alone image

  • Sorry, bit confused, I am thinking of Razzle.

  • I got my subscription with Tesco vouchers. Chances are I won't renew as, like others have said, most 'hobby' magazines do tend to repeat themselves each year.

    If they sorted out the pricing of digital versions of the magazine I might change my mind. Right now it's £10 more expensive to get a digital version through Newsstand than to get a normal subscription. £40 for something they don't have to physically print or post to me, or provide cover items for is completely ridiculous.
  • I bought the latest one in the shop - FOUR QUID FIFTY!!! image. So yes, if you want to read it, subscribe. Or borrow.
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    ok - persuaded - subscribing...rock'n'roll!
  • Defo cancel after the year though. They reward loyalty by increasing the subscription cost by 30%

    I'm cancelling mine.

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    I used to - got totally bored with it after a couple of years though.
  • I borrow a copy from the local library for a week for free image  They keep them for three months and then sell them off for 20p so if there's something I particularly want then I buy it then image

    A friend has just subscribed though as she wanted a running watch and that came as the gift for subscribing - for her it worked out better to subscribe and getting something free she would have paid for anyway.  Bit like buying the watch and getting the magazine free.

  • I subscribe BUT I actually find both Men's Running (which I subscribe to) and Running Fitness magazine are better, more detailed and still a broad range of info.

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