Running Mums?!


I am a keen runner but also 15 weeks pregnant!  I am still able to run (not quite the pace and distance I used to!) which is great, but I'm starting to look at what the best buggies are to run with once little one arrives... And how long should I leave it before running with a newborn, any idea's out there??!  Ideally, I'd like to get just one buggy so looking at the All Terrain ones, the Jane Trider looks good, but if there's any help or advice out there for which ones to look at that would be a great help.  If it is best that I get a general / everyday buggy plus a specific running one then I'll start saving even harder!



  • The best ones are the running specific ones, but they are pricey and not easy to use on public transport etc, they are so long! I got my BabyJogger on Freecycle, it's worth a try - I had two offers! It meant I was able to train for a marathon and still get out with my little one. The advice is that you shouldn't put the baby in such a buggy until they can support their own head, so usually around six months (we got ours at nine months and he loved it).

    Good luck, enjoy your pregnancy and don't rush back too fast too soon.

    (there is a fantastic pregnant runners support thread you should look up, I found it really helpful)
  • BabyJogger II and likewise didn't start to use it until the Little One was about 9 months. Head control is essential. 6 months is a little early IMHO.
  • Babyjogger Performance for me.  We started at 6 months and he was fine but then I wasn't going at much speed image
  • I have a Baby Jogger performance which I got of Ebay and my daughter loves it. Pretty hard work up hills though but I suppose it is good for my fitness!
  • I don't think it's safe to run with a child under six months in a jogging stroller, unless your stroller has a car seat adapter.The car seat means that the baby's head and neck will be stable and he won't get bounced around too much.However probably best to wait until she/he is old enough.

    Good running strollers:

    BOB Revolution Stroller
    Tike Tech Trax 360
    Baby Jogger Performance Single
  • My advice is to leave the baby at home and run by yourself whenever possible. I have a 5 month old and a three year old and my god I need my 'Run run run running away from home!!!' sanity runs image
  • Q. How old should my baby be before they are able to sit in the upright seat of a Baby Jogger?<a id="faq1"></a>
    A. Our strollers and joggers can be used for children from approximately six months to five-years-old. We do not recommend placing your baby in the seat of the jogger until they are able to sit and hold their head up without assistance.

    That's off the babyjogger site. 

    Great idea in principle Sarah but my OH was leaving the house at 6.30am and not getting back till 8pm so no time in the week for some *me time running* image  Weekends were sanity runs image

  • *Sigh* Yes, I have the same problem a lot of the time in truth. Don't get out half as much as I'd like so perhaps I should give in, take back that advice and just try and find a cheap running buggy image
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