Speed of Light event

Can't do it myself, but this event looks fantastic and more than a little bit different. I guess edinburgh based runners might know about this, but if not, click here:



  • yeah.....this is awesome dude!!!!!!
  • What happens if you get there 60 nanoseconds early?
  • Went to some of their training sessions in the summer practising potential routes for this - was great atmosphere. Very mixed ability groups so don't expect to run fast (or even to run all the time, there was a fair amount of run-walk) as it was much more about teamwork and staying the right distance from the person in front to keep the choreography working, but so far seems a lot of fun to be a part of. The light suits looked great in their night trial sessions on the hill too (my dog and I spied on them on his bedtime walks).

     Is anyone else registered already? I'm in for the first night, though tempted to enter a few more.

     **Amazingly I'm through to voting for the Asics 26.2 'On A Plateau' group. Please vote for me! I promise never to enter X factor or stand for parliament so it's the only time I'll ask.. image Thanks! **

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