Elan Valley 10

RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

Any previous runners, is this race hard like doing a flat HM hard, like Sirhowy 10 hard, or just like it's a 10 miler with a bump in it?  How many minutes down on your 10m PB is it?

On the flip side, how's the scenery and the organisation?  Is it easy to find, is parking available, and are the locals friendly? image


  • Flip side first ...great organisation, great cakes or soup afterwards, stunning scenery. ....I mean to die for but it is a hilly ten miler no doubt about that oneimage Good changing facilities and toilets but no showers.  Parking easy peasy so is finding it and YES the locals couldn't be friendlier.....the runners are friendly too image

    Did it last year and loved it but some of the hills are tough ...not sure about doing it this year after blasting out a pb in Snowdonia marathon image

    5 minutes down on my 10 mile pb time but that wasn't done on a flat course eitherimage

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    Congratulations on the PB, nicola.

    5 mins slower than an alternate bumpy 10 miler gives me an impression of how hilly it might be.  Hmmm...

  • What goes up must come down ....and thats the fun of it image  In all honestly it is not that bad it is a lovely run and one I am sure that I will go back and do again....there are some nice long flat pulls on the course and a very nice finish image
  • Here are my splits from last years race...might give you an idea to the hills ....

    6:52 7:52 8:59 7:07 7:25 8:05 7:28 7:33 7:58 7:05 image
  • NQ- Hi thereimage Might do this again this year

    Ratz- About 4 mins on flat time I reckon. 1:09 for me last year, though hope to be a good bit quicker this year. Splits were: 6:02 7:03 8:13 6:58 6:44 7:12 6:55 6:38 7:04 6:34 . So mile 3 is one to watch!image 

    Apart from the hills, I remember that there was a lot of slurry on the roads in places!!! Quite slippery for a good bit.... 

  • Hey there JD....can't do this race this time around as I am away with work ....otherwise I would be there...recovery permitting ofcourseimage

     Might have to settle for Ras y Mast instead......imageimageimage

  • NQ2- see you there thenimage
  • I really enjoyed this run I'd be there again this year but it's my brothers wedding on same day. 

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    Away with work, Brother's wedding, you all say it's lovely then you make up excuses...

    Must be that hill at mile three.  image

    Still debating due to other potential commitments, but this is beginning to sound like a nice replacement for a long run.

  • So who's racing tomorrow? image
  • Wish I could go really loved doing Rhayader 20. This one is a nice one to do. Best of luck all.  
  • I'll be there- anyone else?image
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