Trail Marathon Wales 2012

For all of you who have entered or are thinking of entering next years trail marathon in Coed Y Brenin , north wales .



    I've not done much if any trail running but thought that this looks just too good a race to pass on .
  • Oooh I reckon that could be right up my street - I'm running the Paris marathon in April but really fancy doing the Half!
  • I'm also hopefully going to do a spring marathon on top of this. I have signed up for the full marathon .

    It's something a bit different from the usual road marathons . Really looking forward to it. Stunning location.
  • Yep, I feel a weekend of camping coming on....
  • This should be brilliant, i did Kielder trail marathon at the beginning of October, fantastic scenery around Kielder water. The course was challenging with plenty of hills to drain the legs and mind! but the organisation was first class, with good support throughout in miserable weather. Definitely worth doing again.

    Looks like it could be 2 trail marathons next year then....
  • This is one for me, sounds fantastic.

  • Ive booked this one, just looked too good to miss out so me & the misses are staying for long weekend,me thinks its going to be very picturesque....ive done some great marathons but 2012 is all about quality challenging ones....and this looks like it fits the
  • I booked this early on in the week. Have been wanting to do something like this for ages. Will be 2 marathons for me too.

    London in April then this. Can't wait for it. Definitely be a long weekend for the wife and me.

  • I'm in too, love the off road sections in Snowdonia marathon so entering this will give me the motivation to run more trails!! invest in some trail shoes now!
  • hi,I have just entered this as my first marathon.i like the idea of beautiful scenery to distract from any discomfort. I'm not sure if its going to be too big a challenge as a 1st marathon,with the 4.30 cut off for 20 miles. I did 4hrs for a 20 mile off road race (Nine Edges)so hope to achieve this. iv already put mileage in my diary and feel nervous just looking at it.I'm hoping its going to be a memorable weekend,for the right reasons and have booked at the local Cadair log cabins with the family.Does anyone know the area well? will the tracks be similar to fell running in the Peak District, my home turf? thanks
  • Im in on the half!
  • I've signed up too.. this will be my first trail marathon but didn't realise about the cutoff at 4:30 for 20 miles!! Fingers crossed Il be okay at that point image)
  • Really tempted by this, definitely want to do the half but now considering the full instead ... 

    Does anyone have any idea what the course will be like in terms of elevation? I'm guessing hilly ...

  • Just realised how stupid that sounds. Of course Snowdonia is hilly, but I'm wondering if the route is going to be "even hillier" image 

    I've emailed the organisers to see if the routes are available yet, then I'll decide whether to enter the half or full. I love Snowdonia, can't wait to spend another weekend there image

  • Melbow - not sure how it compares to Peak District but i've done a couple of fell races and the trails are no where near as scary as that.

    xine267 - it says on the website that the route will be out in the spring, thinkng where the course is likely to go there are going to be some good climbs but the views at the top will be worth itimage i often get to around 1000ft on easy runs but am hoping to go up a new route that i think will be part of the course this weekend will let you know how high i end up

    I've decided not to worry about the cut off - i'm going to be cutting it fine but as long as i'm in 1 piece at only 6 miles from home i will know my way and will finish unoffically if i have to (she says confidently image)

  • Thanks Chrissi! I will see how much trail work I can incorporate into my training over next couple of months, and have a look at the route!, before I make a decision image
  • Chrissi, thanks for that. my friend and I had the same idea that as long as we get to 20 ,we will get back even if marshals are gone. The pics on the website look fab. I noticed it is now classed as the Welsh long trail running championship race, so should be a good mix of novice and experienced runners.
    Will be good to see a race profile but I prefer the varied routes to flat tarmac anyday. it will be great.
  • Cant wait for this one!
  • Im in!
  • 7.4 miles today along the volcano trail which should of got me to the highest point in Coed y Brenin.  But i went the wrong way so not sure if i went as high as i should of.  Still got to 850ft and it was snowing abit - very pretty.

  • Good going Chrissi will be good to catch up with you on the day!! There are a few of us doing this one nowimage
  • Hi I'm thinking about this one it sounds just my cup of tea but I'm worried about the cut off time as I would probably be close to it. Does it mean if you carry on and finish unoffically you get no t.shirt and goody bag?
  • kathryn - i'm going to be close to if not over the cut off - hadn't thought about the goody bag hopefully they will be nice and keep the finish line open for a while - i suppose i am doing it to finish though so really the goody bag shouldn't matter but it would be a nice to get one and a t-shirt that i can wear on holiday later that week and show off in hehehe
  • Hi chrissi yes the main thing is to finish but I would love a t.shirt for my trouble just something to show for all that hard effort. At the snowdonia marathon in October they gave the shirts out on the morning at registration which I thought a good idea. Still undecided as I have to travel from Birmingham so a bit of a trek for me too.
  • Kathryn, Hi it does sound like there will be afew of us cutting it fine, but it sounds like such a great race. I too would be miffed if I didnt get the tshirt as we would certainly deserve it.There are 4 of us coming over from Sheffield to run,so are hoping to get each other to the finish.
  • actually now i've thought about it i would be gutted to finish and not get my t-shirt and goody bag

    let's hope all the fast runners leave us some flapjacks at the water/fuel stops too

    hopefully if there are a few of us going a bit slower they will take pity and let us finish offically

    planning 8 miles for my long run this weekend

  • do you think the route will be open to the mountain bikers during the race? may have to talk nicely to TOH to take supplies out on route,
    Chrissi,have a good run ,hoping the snow doesnt out stay its welcome! we have a 10k Sunday,which Id entered to keep me running thro Jan,so will be up early to check the roads.hat gloves buff etc out ready
  • I'll give my goodie bag and t shirt to anyone who missus the cut. Everyone deserves a reward for their achievement.imageimage no charge just a jaffa cake.......I love 'um!
  • I'm up for this, sounds excellent.  Am I right in thinking the course hasn't been finalised yet?
  • I'm in aswell...... image
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