Pain beside one shin bone - what to do?

This summer I came back to running after a third pregnancy.  I built back up probably too quickly and developed pain and a lump halfway down my shin.  It went away when I stopped running due to shoulder injury in July, and then came back when I started running again.

I don't do huge distances - six mile loops are my usual, or four miles if I'm pressed for time.  I do this three times a week, or sometimes not for a week if I am busy.  I don't think my shoes are to blame.

I've been to the GP as I was worried it was cancer but he said no it was probably torn muscle fibres and not to worry.  I went for a sport massage and was told to massage it out, but the more I've done that, the more it hurts.

I reckon it's because I built back up too quickly from a standing start after having a baby and having done nothing for a year, but how do I get it better?  Do I see a physio?  I really don't want to give up for months to make it better and then take it up slowly again - I need to run for my mental health as much as anything (three very small children mean I need to run to stay sane!).

 I'd be very grateful if anyone could help.  Sorry it's so long and waffly.  

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