Cannock 10K

Anyone doing this Its the rotary club Cannock 10K

I'm very tempted as its nice and local to me ( cant find a course route anywhere to look at ) but its only £10 to enter before the day or £12 on the day


  • Yes I've just entered this. Does anyone know what the course is like? Is it a tough hilly one?
  • i have got the leaflet with the course on, i was plannign on mapping it on mapmy run to see what it was like, all i know is that the first bit goes downhill but then there is a nasty hill at 2km which goes up to Birches Valley, not sure after that but if the worsl hil is at the beginning then thats not too bad

    What time u aiming to be there, do u wanna meet up ( i'll be running in my red Bham childrens hosp vest although if its cold i'll have my limegreen tracksuit top on over the top of it )

    i'm hoping that my knee will be ok by then, i went out for a 5mile run today and when i got back my knee started to really play up and now i'm strugging to walk on it, so will try and get it strapped up but not going to run now til the day to give it some rest

  • I am up for this on Sunday to, should be good fun, hope the weather is as nice as it has been recently image

  • ooh great hopefully then we can have a RW meet up before we start the run, i'm treating this as one of my training runs ( but i'll get a medal at the end of it hee hee ) so not looking for a pb, but love doing the races so i'm very excited

  • yep gonna do this one was trying to decide between this one and the rnli 10k in dudley the week after but gonna do last 2 of the year i think.hope weathers still good and good luck to you all.
  • I'm hoping for a Top 10 finish. Looking to go under 38 minutes, depending on the course. If the hill is nice and early then that's great. Long before the legs start to pack in.
  • well gotta a pb from it but it was a tough race with all them hills lol enjoyed it though..hope you all got the same

  • Hi I hope everyone did ok. I really enjoyed it my first 10k for a few years. Was hoping to just get under the hour but didn't manage it and finished in 63.24 but still fairly happy with that given the hills and it gives me something to aim for next time lol.
  • Hi

     It was a great run, shame you couldn't see much of the Chase due to the weather, but at least the fog hid the tops of the hills.  A hard race, but will be back next year, got a PB and got first in my age group...I am still a little in shock!

  • Cannock Rotary Club would like to thank everyone who ran and supported our 10k this year, sorry about the fog. See you all again next year.
  • i never got chance to come on here to see if we could all meet up before the run, maybe next year

    I really enjoyed it ( the first hill was a killer tho' ) and i did run with a hangover ( my best friends bday couldnt remember leaving the pub oops!!! )

    so was pleased with my time of 64mins considering how i felt

    was so cold tho, and foggy but i really enjoyed the free massage after and took the guys number so i can sort out some sports massages now seeing as i'm running london marathon

    panicked abit at the end when they ran out of goody bags, so glad they found them as i really wanted my medal!!!

    i will probably do this again next year ( but not with a hangover next time!! )
  • Hey all well done on the Cannock run i was planning on heading back to my home town to do it but never got chance, so i will look at doing it next year.

    Anyone entering the Hell in the middle ? im still undecided on whether to do it yet as last year it was with about 39 others but this year not sure on whether to do it on my lonesome or not.

    Hmuk i usually end up racing on beer belly all good intentions not to drink then the wine gets hit then the beer follows lol and maybe a kebab lol

  • pmsl JB74 I thought curry and red wine was bad enough, i've never heard of Hell in the middle? I'm planning to do the Kingsbury 10K this weekend ooh tomorrow even eek!! where has the time gone!!!
  • Hmuk google hell in the middle its part of the hell run series it was the first time in cannock chase last year
  • ah yes thanks it looks fun but darent risk it this year as i dont want to pick up an injury cos of running the london marathon
  • Probably best not too, i tripped over a log in the bog in this year was close to a headfirst dive lol, did you do a run yesterday then?
  • yes i did the Kingsbury Water Park one, i got a PB as well of 1hour 31secs which was pretty good going considering it was off road and i have to say i was slightly worried as i went down a couple of holes and slipped my way down a hill ( thought i might injure myself lol ) but it was good fun Fairly flat only a couple of hills, i think i got a PB tho cos the first mile i got caught up with the fast runners and did it in 8mins 32 secs and considering i'm normally an 11min a mile running girl, that was pretty good going, trouble is i was knackered then for the rest of the run, but i'd do it again

    My next run now is the Silverstone Half Marathon in March ( unless i see another 10k that grabs my fancy before then )

  • anyone know if this event is on this year...


  • yes i've seen it advertised cant think where but its Sun Nov 18th 11am I'm going to be doing it again I think

  • yea me to ..enjoyed it last year and its not to far away..


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