Diet advice between two exercises

Hi guys

At the moment I am doing insanity workouts (see dedicated thread) which is basically 6 days a week of high intensity cardio circuits for 60 days. Alongside this I am continuing my normal exercises routine and aiming to get fitter than ever and lose some timber. It's going well so far.

I need some nutritional advice that is quite specific and would be grateful to anyone who can help me. On a Thursday evening I do insanity around 5pm and then play football 7 a side at 8.05pm. When I get home from footy im really hungry but conscious that at 10pm its too late for a massive meal. How should I play this?

Last week I ate a whole wheat pasta before football and felt slightly stodgy and lethargic. I can have my lunch anytime in the day so usually have a decent sized one at 2pm on a Thursday.

Any menu advice or nutritional would be great.

I also take myprotein shake. When is the best time for this too with split exercises?


  • when do you run?
  • At the minute not as much. Maybe a 4 miler
    After circuits on a Tuesday and a little jog on a Sunday.
  • I have similar issues because I quite often train after work, and by the time I get home it will be around 9.30 - 10pm.  

    I also find pasta for lunch makes me feel a bit lethargic for exercising in the evening. After loads of trial and error, I discovered that the pre-training lunch that works for me is couscous, chicken breast, carrots & broccoli. 

    Depending on how long after lunch the training session will be, I might also have a snack like 1/2 a bagel with some peanut butter around 90 mins before exercising, and I will definitely need something like a smoothie or a yoghurt and a banana afterwards. If I was doing as much exercise as you are in one night, I would have a protein shake instead of the smoothie. I'd be tempted to have one after the Insanity training but before football.

    Otherwise by the time I get home, I will be ready to either collapse with hunger, or eat everything in the kitchen. I'd then have my normal dinner (which is usually something like chicken or steak with veggies or omelette and salad).

    This is just what I have found works best for me, I'm by no means a nurtritional expert. Good luck with the insanity training! image

  • Aw thanks a lot for that. I think for tonight I'll try my protein shake with milk instead of water and throw a banana down too. See how that goes. Afterwards just the four banquets!!!
  • not wishing to appear flippant but isn't this a running site?

    but seriously, if weight loss is your main goal then why don't you just run more? i lost 2 stone in 6 months doing this and it has stayed off and am constantly battling to keep my weight up now. i'm sure others on here have had similar experiences.

    also, have been a gym member for years doing regular circuits etc and have never really lost anything over a sustained period of time. well, other than my sanity...

  • Dash riprod, yeah I'm aware that this is a running site and used the
    Help and experience of people on here to train for numerous half marathons and the full marathon in Liverpool last month. But after 4 years of none stop running I have decided to mix my trainin up and get more explosion hence the

    The reason why I asked here is because I wouldn't know where else to start and know that the majority of people who write on here are helpful.

    I am calorie counting and have lost just on 7lbs in 3 weeks. The running got me from nearly 19 stone and awful fitness to 16st and a marathon in 4hrs 29. With this training I aim to go back into my running a stone lighter and hopefully get some great 10k times.

    Thanks for your advice too.
  • fair do's gedge,

     you obviously must have run a lot to get round the full distance o.k. and we all have different metabolisms at the end of the day.

    to clarify, i am not saying circuits are a bad thing. on the contrary, i think as a supplement to more running they can only be beneficial and after all you did lose an impressive 3 stone with just running training before! image

  • Yeah it was diet that held me back to be honest. That's what I'm tryin to address now. Because of the intensity of marathon training I have decided to leave long distances for
    a while!!
  • I've never done a full and unlikely I ever will. I just try to do a lot of easy, scenic off-roaders with the odd track session thrown in. Good luck with your goals and remember to good at the shorter stuff you may need to run a lot more than you think
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