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I have been running now for around 6 years in total, never an issue! Lucky really I guess......

This year was my first season in Triathlon and I have done really well, much better than expected in fact! So well that I will hopefully be qualifying for the GB Age Group team in May 2012.

However, over the last month I have developed  Metatarsalgia (or Ball of the foot pain) I have had Physio, and I am on anti inflamatorys, I ice andmassage regulary and have changed my footwear, however my concern now lies in the length of time this will remain with me, I am currently unable to run or bike, which leaves me only the swim to be getting on with!!!

I am wondering if any one else had has this issue and if so, what did you do to get rid of it, how long did it take and what impact on your fitness level did the outage have?


  • Hi Nathan

    I am now suffering from the same thing, did you get any feedback or how did you resolve it

  • HI there,

     I was pretty much out of action for 2 full months. I swam daily to attempt to keep the fitness up. Very light biking as the pain began to subside.

     I visited a foot specialist called Helen at 10-Point-Fitness in Chesham-Bois, Surrey (not sure where you are) and she did a full analysis of my gait and running technique and bone structure in my foot.

    The session cost around £60 and she taped my foot in a certain way... 2 weeks later I started seeing improvements and a further 2 weeks later I was running again and back nuilding fitness.

    I was a little worried about spending £60 and getting a roll of tape in return !!!! but she works wonders.

    01494 433 124

    Good luck image

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