Water retention - how to get rid of it?

I suffer the delights of water retention every month, and also get it when I'm stressed out. At the moment I have both hormones + stress (should be moving in 2 weeks!) and have put on 3 1/2 lb of excess water in the last 10 days. I do indeed wobble at the moment!
Anyone got any decent remedies for getting rid of it?


  • The most common cause of fluid retention is actually lack of fluids in your diet.

    The first thing to try is to drink lots of water. Your body may be afraid to let water go because you are not letting any in. Also, cut down on your salt intake.

    We all get it, Fraggle. Especially around THAT time of the month! What us women have to put up with, eh?

  • By the way....
    I drink about 7/8 glasses of water a day - that is the recommended amount. Include what you drink in coffee/tea etc, although caffine isn't going to help the water retention really.

  • I second Beth's advice - counterintuitive as it sounds, increasing your water consumption (not in the form of fizzy, isotonic, or caffeinated drinks, though very dilute squash would be fine if you struggle to drink plain water) can help with fluid retention. Laying off salty or sugary snacks and eating lots of potassium-rich fruit and veg can also help. Funny how everything comes back to the same old advice.

    Water tablets, either herbal or conventional, make things worse because they deplete the water inside your cells so you retain more to compensate and end up dehydrated but still swollen.

    Hope the move goes smoothly!

    Cheers, V-rap.

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