Good running song trracks - what do you listen to ??

Hey guys

I have to run with music , but am getting a bit bored with my selection anyone got any ideas for good running tunes to help us get through the winter runs !!!!!


  • Tanz mit Laibach by Laibach
  • Ankle Injuries by Fujiya and Miyagi

  • Radio 4 podcasts, mainly the comedy quiz shows like Just a Minute but also enjoy the Food Programme.  I find music messes with my pace too much and I'm bad enough at maintaining consistent pace as it is.

  • I checked out Fujiya And Miyagi when they played a nearby festival. Might have to check them out some more since they are local.

  • They're ok in small doses. A bit samey.
  • I always liked I'm Free by The Who
  • Crazy Diamond - you are so right: I also listen to Marathon Talk, Danny Baker and Frank Skinner as well- as well as pretty much anything on Radio 4(The Infinite Monkey Cage is a recent 'find').

    You can zone out so much more easily than with music. Last week's long run: I listened (and focussed on) Frank Skinner for an hour, and hardly noticed the run itself. Now I know that isn't always the aim of running, but I was off-road, and aiming to keep it easy, but it really did work. I love my music, but too often I get bored of a track and stop really listening.

    Where do you get "Just a Minute" podcasts?
  • Within Temptation - especially Black Symphony

  • the Prodigy
  • We come one, by Faithless. I was once running with that on - my heart rate monitor was causing a bit of interference on my headphones, so I could hear my heart rate, and for about a mile the music, my heart rate and my stride pattern were completely in sync. Probably the quickest, easiest mile I've ever run image
  • 3mins30?
  • Usually listen to music by audio-fuel, make sure you buy the albums with coaching. You get counted on to the beats and get some additional motivation. Adrenaline Junkie is my favourite album so far. If I am doing a casual run, usually album playing is Running Trax 1, 2, or 3

  • Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)
    Tanz mit Laibach by Laibach
    SR(NLR) thanks for that .. prompted quick search through old 12' vinyl for Live Is Life  ... and a little volume boost !! .... although I'm not so sure wife and kids thank you as much
  • 100% agree with kamoshika - I have 'We come one' on my running mix and it works great.

    other power choices: Eminem 'lose yourself', Black Box 'ride on time' (does anyone remember that?)
    for me club tracks work (mash-up euphoria has a lot to offer)
  • any of the Euphoria albums as they have relatively consistent BPMs.  (Beats per mins).

    Podcasts also good.

    But can also do shuffle mode if I'm on a LSR.

    Or just listen to nature out in the countryside............

  • Nice one Bruce C. That was on every week on Network 7 remember?
  • Network 7 !!!! Wow, completely forgotten about that .. its how Sunday lunchtimes were meant to be image (although I do blame it somewhat for my shortened attention span!)

  • Download Girl Talk's new album for free from their site:

    Thank me later.

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