Trans Britain Ultra 156

Can not believe I have entered this, anybody else?


  • Hi Mandy, We currently have 15 people on the start line and expect to have 35 by the time entries close in June. There is a closed facebook group "Trans Britain Ultra" which you should ask to join. This is a group we set up so that people who are training for the 2012 race can ask questions of each other and previous participants.
  • Thank you will join up on face book.  Do you have any training plans?
  • Mandy, I too have entered this race so am one of the 15.  Having never run more than 8miles in my life until 1 Jan 2012, I am now up to 16 on my long run.  Good progress but a long way to go and am currently at that stage thinking why have I done this!  I haven't seen the Facebook group but will go there now!
  • Hi Mark,

     Will look out for you on Facebook.  I am not so worried about the miles, its getting lost!

    Good going with the training have you got a plan in mind?

    I am so looking forward to doing this event.

  • I do have a bit of a plan which is BROADLY speaking,

    • do a marathon by the end of April (at least the distance if not a race),
    • do 35 miles by the end of June
    • in July to do at least 6 consecutive days of >12miles per day. 

    Everything in between is kind of building around that I think. 

    How about you and a plan?  Are you an experienced ultra runner with some lessons for me?

    This is my 50th birthday treat to myself (!) so I am hoping the body can withstand the strain!

  • How's it going Mark..?   Feeling confident for your big challenge..?


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