Beachy Head Marathon

I was feel down with post Beachy symptons. Now feel a little better. Will be excited when on-line entries open image


  • BB ✭✭✭
    haha two weeks, I'm impressed image
  • B - I was looking at events page and this race was listed. It just had to be started.
  • What is amazing is how quick you can recover from off road marathons compared to the road ones.
  • I agree SR(NLR) - roadies do me in for a week. I went for a run the day after Beachy and I was fine (not far and not fast, but still......). Was the same afther the SDM in June.

    Anyway, new record, open already for 2012. I'm in. imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

  • It was  a great race as always...and also  seem to recover  quicker than  road ones . There is no  doubt i will enter  2012 !!   need to  bust  4 hours !!    3rd time lucky !!    image 

  • I'll be in, well once pay day comes anyway. Loved it this year and not that scarey for a first marathon image
  • Anyone know why the link has gone from the entry page - Beachy ain't there no more image
  • Count me in, I entered a couple of days ago.....what have I let myself in for? image

    SL, hope you can get the entry sorted tomorrow.

  • Nice one Cinders. Don't know if I want to commit to next year's race yet.
  • Thought by commiting now I've got enough time to get my head round the idea!
  • STIG109 wrote (see)
    I'll be in, well once pay day comes anyway. Loved it this year and not that scarey for a first marathon image
    Were you the Stig who had the supporter with the dog and sign this year....saw them about ten times on the route.
  • hahahahaha yeah a mate from work bless him. really helped at times and a complete surprise everytime he popped up. I'm trying to get him to run it next year.
  • Looks like he knows an excellent short cut to keep popping up like he did....get me a copy of his map..image
  • hahahaha will do.

    Has anyone worked out where the page has gone to sign up ?

  • Cinders - that fantastic news. You can join me and Karen. Dagenham 88 Runners have a big team for next years race.
  • Hi Tracey, think you'll be too fast for me image
  • Cinders - we have group from my club doing Beachy called the slow a**** group lol
  • Oh I could definitely join that group Tracey image

  • Cinders - you will finish Beachy as you will have us D88 to support you image
  • Link doesn't work Andrew
  • I'm really sorry about that.  I posted this link having just signed up to next year's race using it. I picked up your email when out and about today and tried the link, and sure enough it didn't work. Looking at what happens when I click on the link above now, I can see that there is a problem with how the Runners World website has scripted the html - the URL is incomplete and so it doesn't work. Try copying and pasting the address above into your browser rather than clicking on it - I've just tried this and it works fine for me. Hope it works for others too otherwise I shall start to feel like a weirdo!
  • Finally managed to get entered - HTF sent me a text yesterday morning!

    Cinders - maybe we could both join Tracey's group - sounds custom made for me image
  • Yay SL image. Room for another one Tracey image
  • Us D88 are a friendly bunch image

  • Tracey,

    Is that your lot in a Beachy Head Marathon 2011 video posted on youtube by kalscuts ?

  • Link doesn't seem to work Stig109, what's the clip called on youtube?


     Try this link and see if it works. It's just called Beachy head marathon 2011 video

  • Just watched this, was toying with the idea of doing snowdonia again, but this looks a good alternative??
  • Full already? That must be a record!  Is it right?

    The Runners World link was down for about a week.

    Anyone know for sure?

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