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  • We are not at our usual first marshalling point this year as we signed up late cos we were going to be away (so no jaffa cakes and jelly babies at about 8 miles this year!). However, we will be above the final hill down to the finish from 11.45 till 5pm so should see you all as you come in for your finish. See you there too FB. Actually I am quite excited to be able to see the leaders come into the finish as we usually miss it, should be great ...though it has been raining here in Eastbourne this morning and due to be cold tomorrow, so wrap up warm, we will!! Good luck everyone image

  • I'll be wearing my trail shoes (will take my running trainers also), leggings and charity vest with Lombster on the back. Can't wait for it now! Good luck all.

  • Heading down this evening. Packed my trail shoes and my backpack.

    Hope my legs have recovered by tomorrow morning - I really didn't expect them to be so tired after last weekend's short races, but they were totally out of "oomph" at Wednesday's club training run.

  • 3 degrees at 9am rising to a heady 8 by finishing time (2-3pm for me I reckon as will definitely be walk/jogging and taking it easy), so it should be nice and fresh on the top of the B*tches image Should be very clear as well so views will be magnificent. Don't forget to look all around !

    Trail shoes, long trousers and bottle belt for me (don't like running without liquids to hand). Not sure what to wear on top, but a few removable layers looks like the best option. And gloves image

    Luckily only have a 45 min drive to the start, hope to catch one or two of you there. Good luck imageimage

  • Anyone have any suggestions on where to park?

    I should be in Eastbourne by about 7:30 - 7:45.

    Thank you

  • PAC76 at that time of the morning you should be able to park on the sea front raod fairly near to the start. It pay and display though so you might need a few pound coins.

  • okey cokey, have to remember some change.

    Thank you

  • Well the weather isn't too hot up in Crowborough, little bit of rain but wet underfoot, forecast for Eastbourne tomorrow still looks sunny though.. let's hope it stays that way!

    Being able to do a trail half marathon with over 450m of elevation in 1h.51m, am I being too optimistic in getting round in under four hours!!!

  • Tommygun2 wrote (see)

    PAC76 at that time of the morning you should be able to park on the sea front raod fairly near to the start. It pay and display though so you might need a few pound coins.

    it's only pay and display below the Bolsover Road/South Cliff Road junction with King Edward's Parade - basically look for the big feck off South Cliff Tower as that's the junction landmark.   from there up to the start, and the side roads it's free parking.

    but as TG says, free parking spaces do get taken up very quickly and you need to get there before 8am to guarantee not having to use a paid parking place.

    Ghall - I would think a sub-4 would be a hard ask with that 1/2 PB - between 4 and 4:30 should be in reach with closer to 4:30 being realistic.  don't push a time for the 1st BHM - just savour the course and learn what it's like and then come back to try to improve your time.

  • Good luck everyone - sad we're missing it this year but kinda glad not to be running in this weather!  Stay safe image

  • GHall - I agree with FB. My half PB is 1.36, Beachy PB is 4.22...........
  • How did everyone get on? I thought the temperature was fine today, but certainly not the wind! I did go for trail shoes in the end, however it would have been fine in normal runners. My calves were on the verge of cramping going into The Seven B*tches so that was awkward trying to keep my ankles at a funny angle! Managed to finish 1 min quicker than last year so pleased with that. Hope everyone is pleased with their efforts and recovering ok.
  • pleased I finished but I will not be returning, to be honest after about 12 miles I hated every minute.

    Views were amazing, but the rest of it sucked.

    That is just my opinion, I know other people will have loved.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭

    Love, love, loved this event as always.  Fantastic views today but that wind was a bit tiresome wasn't it?!

    I was very pleased with my performance even though I was slow as usual.  That didn't matter a jot as my breathing was fine throughout which was fantastic as i've had a very bad year with it.  Met lots of friends en-route and chatted to a few new people too.

    Lovely to see FB and Petal on marshalling duties and thanks for the hugs image  Thanks to all the marshalls for standing around in that biting wind and for their support and encouragement.  Super event as always image

    Also, a big thank you to Anthony and his team of photographers for popping up al over the place.  They always do a great job, no matter the weather, and are always there for the back-of-packers.

  • I would like to say thank you to all the marshalls, they were amazing and they must have been frozen!

    I did say thank you to alot of them, but probably not all.

  • Could have done without that wind, but I enjoyed it overall and I'm sure I'll run it again some day.

  • Good event as usual, a few tweaks made to the organisation, some good and some not improvements. So pleased I did this after dithering all week. Ran with a clubmate start to finish and kept to intended slow pace. Course PW as a result of 5.10 but very happy with that. Nice way to taper for next week in New York

    FB - sorry I didn't say hello. I plodded past at Lullington and it was only after I'd gone a few hundred yards past I remembered !

    Weather was fine mostly and didn't find the wind too troublesome apart from going up Beachy Head, when it also rained for 20 mins which was evil image
  • My first Beachy Head and I loved every minute of it (even the rain battering my face around Beachy Head) couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

    I thought the pre-race organisation was brilliant - picked up race numbers, dropped bag off etc with no problems and all the volunteers were so friendly and helpful.

    I'd done a lot of my training on the South Downs so kind of knew what I was letting myself in for.....but that first hill after the start line is just pure evil!!

    I met so many lovely people, chatted and ran with them for parts of it - if there was anyone from this thread, I was the one in all the pinkimage

    I thought the aid stations were fantastic and the support from the marshalls was superb - I made a point of thanking every one of them, they were the true heroes of the day in my eyes, I just got up and ran!

    As it was my first off-road marathon I was going to be happy with anything sub 05:30 and I came in at 05:11 so was delighted with that, my husband was aiming for sub 04:30 and came in at 04:22 so two very happy and satisfied customers.....will be back next year without a doubt image

  • Big thank you to Fat Buddah and all the lovely marshals. Had a lovely hug and kiss of FB image

    Was fed up last week as I pull my hamstring doing Ripped in 30 exercise dvd. I ran all the way with my running buddy Sharon a first time Beachy runner. Finished in 7:08:22, which is not my fastest or my slowest Beachy. Just happy that my hamstring got through it.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭

    Well done for pushing through the pain Tracey!  How did Bernard get on?

  • Bernard did 5:08

    What time did you do?
  • Well that was a different experience from the last two years. The wind was howling and it was cold. I actually didn't mind it too much and felt good for the most part of the run. But the wheels came off on the second to last of the sisters where I got cramp in my right calf going down hill. Shook that off only to get cramp in my left calf, this meant the last 3 miles was more of a hoble than a run. Then with 300 meters from the finish I got bad cramp in my right hamstring/muscle. I had to sit down for about 5 mins before I could even get up. oh well managed to finish in the same time as last year.

    5hours 19 mins

    Big thanks to all the marshalls on such a cold day, thanks to FB and Petal for your encouragement. After yesterday I thought that would be my last Beachy as it was so painful in those last few miles with the cramps and the sideways stinging rain. But today I'm thinking that Beachy is unfinished business so I may be bac for more next year....maybe with better preperationimage

    oh and does anyone know who the ladies in the orange tops were, there were loads of them strung out along the course all walking in pairs and sounded american or canadian

  • Another brilliant day out, wind was a killer and finished in 6.27, 40 mins slower than last year but had a great time with my two running buddies. Marshalls were fantastic again and so brave in that cold wind!!!

    I only have one very small suggestion and that is maybe more portaloos next year??

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭

    Tracey, well done Bernard!  I did 6:15.

    Tommy, the ladies in orange were from New York.  There were 30 of them in total.  They didn't realise how hilly it was going to be!

  • Well done that warm post-Beachy glow today and no stifness, aching or blisters which is nice ! Benefits of taking it very slowly I think.

    Barbie - must have been running more or less near you most of the time as I finished about 5.10 (ran with a clubmate from Burgess Hill Runners throughout). Definitely on Beachy Head at the same time - in that rain !!

    Yesterday was the first time I haven't had the post-race meal. The queue was huge and just couldn't be bothered to wait. Instead had a lovely pint and sarnie at a pub on the way home image
  • What a fantastic event.  Thanks to all the organisers, volunteer marshalls, everyone behind the scenes.  This was my first marathon and having started running in Jan after a bad injury I was delighted to achieve my three goals: finish it, have fun and avoid injury!  I came in at 5:31 and was very happy with that.  I tripped over a stone on that flinty steep downhill section in the first half and slightly pulled a hamstring but then recovered it until mile 21 when it went into a bad cramp as the (near) sleet came in on a gale force wind! I was sorry for people wearing shorts at this stage as they looked as if they could hardly move...Definitely having another go next year for a sub 5:00  THANKS AGAIN image


  • Oh yes, forgot the cuppa and sausage roll at Littlington. Awesome !!!!
  • QBQB ✭✭✭

    Great day out as ever and views and atmosphere better even than before, may be partially the weather and partially as I am slower post injury than before but no where near the struggle of last year when I really shouldn't have run. Under 4.30 which was some 30 over best here but pleasing against last year as finished comfortable enough bar that wind over Beachy! Well done to all runners and marshalls - see many of you again next year hopefully...

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