Beachy Head Marathon



  • Well, I've sent an e-mail and can now only wait.

    Intending to treat this like a trail ultra rather than a road marathon - start slow, walk the steep uphills, try to run the rest, eat real food...

  • QBQB ✭✭✭

    I did get the email - actually so long ago (7 Aug) that I'd forgotten all about it until reading about everyone not receiving it! Form a quick scan, nothing too exciting - collect # on day, get there early, by the way it's hilly, enjoy...

  • a quick report on some of the BHM tracks that we did on the mountain bikes yesterday

    after all the rain we've had over the last week or so, you'd expect them to be pretty muddy - well, in the woods they are very muddy, and sticky.  the open grassy tracks are fine although a little soft.  the only chalk track we did was what we call the "big C" (it looks like one from below) which is the track that will drop you down from the Long Man towards Alfriston.   that was OK but the surface was soft (fine for riding on) although the chalk was pretty slippery as it often is when wet - my missus had a fall due to her rear tyre sliding on it.  try and avoid the bits with algal growth - they are like teflon!

    the cobbled section as you drop down into Jevington is also pretty slippery but it was damp so that was to be expected.  the rain has also washed a lot of the trail surfaces off in parts so you need to be careful with foot placement

    bar the woods, the trails have soaked the rain up well but with the forecast for more rain to come, I don't think they will dry out completely so are likely to remain soft.

    I would suggest grip will be a major issue due to the muddy sections, soft grass and slippery chalk - at this stage I would definitely go with trail shoes for extra grip. in road shoes you will be sliding and slipping a lot.

  • Thank you Mr FB image  trail shoes it is image

  • raining again today so even less chance of any improvement now.....

  • Well, Saturday's 30+ miles out & back along the Vanguard Way followed by 15+ miles of local trails yesterday with some good uphill & downhill has trashed my quads quite nicely, so I guess my training is going well... Still need to decide whether to run the Jog Shop 20 next Sunday.

    FB: thanks for the update on the state of the BHM trails.

  • lovely hilly run in the rain today. i know it's weird but i love running in the rain. but please don't take it as a suggestion i want rain on marathon day.

  • I was on the section from CP 3 (?)  the one with the sausage rolls etc. The terrain including the downhill sections was relatively firm and overall the only problem was a fallen tree over the second set of steps which, with a bit of luck, will be gone by the day

  • Here for the Jog Shop. i love that race. Would be doing the Beachy this year but I'm away. I will be back to conquer the race that beat me last year.
  • SR - be careful on the North face and BIG W image
  • Ahhhh bliss. Are you running it this year tracicaly?
  • Sussex Runner - can't run it this year. I was last runner to finishes last year. Luckily the weather was warm.
  • Hi Mick image xxx
  • SR - I can do this race next year thou, so you may see me next year.
  • I mean Jog Shop Jog next year image Always do Beachy image))
  • I hope to do Beachy next year too.
  • First BH for me this year, looking fwd to all those hills image

    anyone heading down from the Swansea area?


  • QBQB ✭✭✭

    Tracey - Big W you mentioned? Is that Wendover Hill is it?

    I did the Endurance marathon which goes opposite way at start to BHM so 7 bitches in early but then also added in some massive hill not that long after. Even at 10m you respected it! Very rewarding climb though as you take in the views

  • the Big W is part of the Jog Shop 20 course - part of the course goes down and up  the Downs twice and from the base looks like a W.  it's the toughest part of the JS20....image

  • just had confirmation from BHM of our marshalling spots for this and as per previous years when not running, we will be at Lullington Heath as you come out of Friston Forest heading towards the Long Man; and later just above the steps before the finish.  Give us a shout - we'll happily abus...encourage you as you go by.....image

    And if you have any family and friends who'd like to marshal or volunteer to help on the day, the organisers are still looking for people so get in touch with for more info.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭

    I'll look out for you FB image

  • so are you that nice man in the wide brimmed sunhat (!) leaning on the gate just before the chalky ice-rink down to CP 1 ?

  • nope - that's Peter. we're at the checkpoint before that at Lullington Heath just as you come out of the forest and head over to where Peter is.

    and that chalky ice rink was very slippery last Sunday

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭

    Well that should ensure that I fall over at least once! image

  • Redhead - I fell over in the mud near the river before you reach the sausage roll CP in 2009image
  • that muddy stretch by the river just before Litlington is usually pretty bad especially as the cattle hoofs chew the ground up - this year it's going to be even worse with all the rain!

    in other news - it's pissing down again on the course....image

  • fatbuddah - the worst bit was I went to get up and pulled a muscleimage But 2 lovely Beachy walkers pulled me up. I hate mud, but had to put my hands in it to try and get up lol

    Glad I'm not doing Jog Shop Jog 20 this Sunday as the weather forecast is for rain ;(
  • I was thinking about Jog Shop Jog 20 as a warm-up but might pass - I can run in the rain much closer to home!

  • Hi all....looks like we're hitting a wet spell so could be some muddy bits this year. Looks like the Roclites could get an airing........

    I'm not 100% sure whether to do it or not as have a NYC place the following weekend which has long been an ambition. Tempted to walk/jog Beachy as a tapering 'run' (or walk/jog even more than usual) and make the most of the atmosphere and the food........really just don't want to miss this though as it's simply one of the best events going.

    Not doing JSJ due to other commitments but wish I was, also a lovely route (but v hard for a 20 IMHO)

    FB - Beachy marshalls are just the best. Smiling, encouraging and well stockedimage I try to thank every one as I go round - especially it it's like 2009 (I think - not good with dates) when it absolutely p*ssed down from start to finish (only marshalls I didn't thank then were those on the b*tches, as I couldn't see them through the low cloud). Will try to give you a shout at Lullington (if I can remember where that is - c9 miles ish, where we cross the road and up the concrete track....??)

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