Beachy Head Marathon



  • Does anyone think it's worth using a hydration pack for fluids and gels etc, or is it a case of using the hospitality available, I'm thinking I'll need as much help as I can get for the last 22 miles image

    Reason being that I did the Eridge 10 last month and was desperate by the time I reached the water points (it was very hot though). I did however discover the power of Jelly Babies!

    CelticRunner: Do you frequent the Weatsheaf, was in there last night.



  • Ghall - there's plenty of fuel and drink available at the aid stations which are well placed at convenient intervals.  and the chances of it being hot are - shall we say - remote... image

    I've taken a hydration pack on one BHM - frankly it was a waste of time as I didn't need it.

  • GHall,

    There are quite a few feed stations but I have always taken a bottle with me, I find that I need a few sips of water at the top of steep climbs, it maybe just a phycological thing but it works for me. oh and I carry a couple of gels for the seven sisters as thats when i really need a boost......image

  • I'm gutted that I will be missing this, but the lure of Snowdon was too great.

  • I always carry a camelbak. It came in handy last year when Bopeep ran out of water.
  • Damn

    Forgot to enter.

    maybe next year?

  • I'm really looking forward to it image

    I shall be taking a camelbak as I like to think I have everything I need.

    At least I'm running it with a friend this year so she will drag me along the flats and i'll drag her up the hills

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭

    This time next week everyone...........image

    Silly boy Blisters!

  • I'll be crawling over the Seven Sister Redhead
  • Nice 10 miles across Ashdown Forest yesterday, felt fine so here's hoping I'll be ok, was my last run before Saturday.

    Just hope that there's no standing water, trail running in this weather is not good for the feet, mind you, by the Seven Sisters it looks like it will turn into a crawling competition anyay image

  • I've hurt my ITB doing Ripped in 30 dvd image
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭

    Oh dear Tracey image  What's Ripped in 30?

  • Redhead - Ripped in 30 is a Jullian Michaels exercise dvd. She's a trainer of the Biggest Losser. It's a circuit training exercise dvd.
  • Hopefully it will be less painful in the morning.
  • Less than a week to go image Hope everyone is looking good

    Last longish run done...............looking forward to running this image Normally do Snowdon but am told Beachy has some hills too image

  • Redhead - leg not painful now image Just a dull ache and heavy.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭

    Phew, that's a relief Tracey image

    Forecast is that it's getting colder by the end of the week.

  • you wouldn't want to be doing this today - you wouldn't know where you are!  it's as foggy as hell at the mo - densest fog in Eastbourne for a long time.   it's "forecast" to stay dry unti Thursday with perhaps some drizzle, but little in the way of sun or wind to dry the trails out.   and then cold at the weekend but hopefully dry on race day after the Friday rain has cleared through.

    time to break them trail shoes out and winter kit by the looks of it 

  • Just realised I put ITB. When it should have been hamstring.
  • cold and sunny i can cope with. foggy would be my worst enemy as i'm hoping the sweeping views will make me feel more positive as i'm crawling up the hills.

    feeeling very relaxed about it at the moment. i'm sure that will change during the week.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭

    Fog still hanging around here too.

  • QBQB ✭✭✭

    agree with FB, having done Greensands yesterday on north downs it's very much trail shoes and winter clothes! (or at least it is at my pace)

    Looking forward to south downs adding some sea views - if we can see them through the fog... Just hope that it's dry or drizzle at worst on day

  • latest forecast for Saturday is sunny - max 13C from a low of 6C, with a NE breeze.

    sunny is good, cold isn't, and a NE wind isn't eiter as that will be in your faces on the Bitches

    hey ho - the weather is what it is!

  • anyone thinking of run/walking it, and carrying walking poles for the worst bits? Or would poles just add more weight and not help?

    any thoughts?

  • I always take my poles.  Although they can be a bit of a nuisance their advantages far outweigh their disadvantages as far as I'm concerned.  This year have invested in some ultra light Z poles and intend carrying one on my waist strap and using it as required and the other in my back pack and bringing it out for the grand finale of the Seven Sisters.

  • Thanks, Bear B.Hind.

    i'd have to carry mine in my hands all the time (never run with backpack, too late to try now).  i know they could be very useful on the climb out of the forest,. and after the 3rd CP,  on the steps, and on those long slow uphill bits, but i'm worried that if i have them i'd walk even more than i usually do. on the other hand,if they made it easier, i might have more energy for the 7 bitches. In all that mud, it might give me something to hang on to, though!

  • I need mine to stabilise myself downhill rather than helping going up as I've got weak ankles and ancient dodgy knees.  I try not to use them when I don't need to as I do find they can make me even slower than I normally am.

  • sounds like you've got my legs, Bear B.Hind! you're right about the downhills, though - poles are brilliant and save your quads a lot of work. Get a full body workout, as well!

  • Grrr. Never been this indecisive. Had a good 18m road run (I very rarely run on the road, don't enjoy it and prefer to do all my long runs on the Downs) on Sunday - really torn as whether to bank that, have a light weekend and be fully refreshed for New York, or turn up and do my all-time favourite event.........any advice from multiple marathoners out there ??

    If it's cold and dry it'll be great for the views (although agree with FB in that an E/NE wind will be a bit cruel to say the least). In 2009 I could hear marshalls shouting on the b*tches but couldn't see them......image

  • Hi there,

    Am looking forward to this, my first Beachy Head mara and have heard great things about it. Just done Abingdon on Sunday and am walking funny so hope all will be o.k. for Saturday. Am deffo taking it all nice and slowly having run hard on Sunday. I will have my camera with me ready to take some pics as the weather is looking good....albeit cold. I don't care if it is cold, as long as the sun is shining.

    So, gloves, longs and trail shoes at the ready.

    See you all there. image

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