Christmas Broadmeadow Marathon

Does anybody know anything about this event?


  • no, but I'm running it LOL
  • it says maximum number of competitors is that right, surely not???
  • probably - these smaller events only have small numbers for a reason.
  • have u entered through the official website yet hta??? i'm new to all looks a bit dodge
  • Entered thru I think.
  • thanks for your help hta!

  • Event now FULL on Saturday 10th December.
  • I'm in, hope I dont get lost.  With only 30 people it is not as if there are many to follow and more difficult to find someone running at my pace!
  • Does anyone know anyhting about this event?  I'm entered but the only information I've been given is a Fetch map.  Where and when is the start?  Is there a route description or have I got to try and transpose this map?

  • an email was sent out a few days ago, hopefully you have it by now, if not then email the organiser

    start and finish is greenway stratford

  • Thanks Hellen. I'm running Saturday (only because that's when I've got the car, not because I wanted the 'race' version) so I may see you there.
  • Wish I'd entered this...having serious marathon withdrawal image
  • In for both days.

    I'll get lost......Guarandeed. I got lost at parkrun......image Never mind......I'll take a torch & a phone & I'm sure I'll turn up at some point......image

    Wonder how many slow buggers there'll be.....? I was looking at 5:15 for day one, & goodness knows how slow for day 2....

    Look out for pyjama girl.......image

    Ria x

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