What to do when I'm injured?

I have an inflamed vein which has left my foot rather sore. The doc says I can't expect it to go away for a couple of weeks minimum so running is out for now. I did my first race a fortnight ago and am desperate to keep up the momentum - what can I do while I wait for the foot to heal? I live in the sticks so a gym is a non starter, so what else?


  • cycle??
  • Did your doctor not give you any options?
  • Maybe look in to some home workouts? Like resistence band work. elbow dips of a chair seat, bicep curls with water bottle etc. It might not keep the cardio going, but you'll get some good muscle strength.

    You shouldn't / won't lose much fitness in 2 weeks that can't be got back quickly.

    And count yourself lucky - most injured runners are off the road for much longer!

    Good luck!

  • try having lots of sex, if ur partner wont consent buy a blow up doll, tends to keep my fitness up whilst im injured.
  • Swimming is always an option, not always the most attractive (cold water, chlorinated, risk of kids and being splashed in the face by some idiot who refuses to realise others want to swim in the pool too and, well, it can get a bit dull!) You can get MP3 players now that are totally waterproof and can be used to swim with (check out advancedMP3 store online). You can get your upper body muscles going though and get quite a good workout if your able to go fast enough and less likely to irritate your foot.

    Other options would be gym stuff like a rowing machine -failing that finding a rowing club, and depending on how intense your pain is things like the cross trainer and even classes like yoga.

    Day to day cycling could be an option but again, may depend on your foot. If you live in any sort of a town your at the mercy of other cars, traffic lights and kids/animals running out in front of you. It can mean you have to stop suddenly and at times could be forced off your bike and onto your feet to stabilise yourself which if done at a fast pace with force could really cause you pain.

    Did your doctor give you any sort of a time frame? As in; it will be too painful to walk for X weeks and then you'll be able to do day to day things like walking and cleaning and etc afterwards and in X weeks/months you'll be able to jump and run around again. Normally they have some sort of rough time frame even if you know you heal faster or slower then whats advised.

  • I feel your pain IKFY, I'm out at the moment due to injury too, took a fall off a kerb on a club run on Tuesday, I thought I was further from the kerb than I was, took a last look at the traffic for indicators next thing I'm flat on my face in the road...not pretty... sprained ankle and very grazed knee, which if I'm honest is almost more sore than the sprain.

    The doctor said absolutely no running for 10-12 days at least or as a rule of thumb when I can hop without pain - was supposed o be supporting a friend on their first 10K race on Saturday- I will now be supporting from the start/finish line instead image Just glad it's only a mild sprain and nothing major....my doctor suggested swimming but I'm not a swimmer - can't find the bedroom door without my glasses in the morning so everyone is in danger of a smack in the face when I swim! 

    Have you tried cycling or is that also too painful?

  • I'm not cycling round here - it's all hills and my bike is rubbish. There's no pleasure in that. Thankfully I have discovered that the local school has a fitness gym so I'll pop up there and use their rowing machine and bikes.

    At least I can walk (just not allowed to run) so the dogs will get some mileage for a while.
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