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    XFR Bear wrote (see)

    I'm happy to volunteer to help out with my club's races for free and would do the same for a charitable event, but if they're making a hefty profit then I'd expect payment in some way for my time.

    That was my thinking - it's a business, and if it's making a huge profit then they CAN afford to pay marshals, water-station helpers, etc. 

    I've voluntarily helped out at races for free (well, a t-shirt!), because they were organised by a running club. 

    I wouldn't do it for a business whose sole reason for putting the race on was to make a profit.  For that I'd expect to be paid.

  • Agree with you on not helping out if the race is run as a business Wilkie !

    I have run some races where the value in the entry fee is there for everyone to see, like the Maidenhead Easter 10 and Woodcote 10k.

    I did do race once where you got a mug at the end of the race and you had to dunk it in a big black bin full of tap water to get your drink ! Still got the mug though !

  • I think we must be lucky in south wales because most of the running clubs organise races during the year and are great value for money.........a lot of them have gone off road now or found unusual routes.......

    the running clubs also organise a series of cross country and summer league races that are free.............so i rarely do big organised events........the half and full marathon in llanelli will be some but they are reasonable...........image

  • XFR Bear wrote (see)

    I do wonder if there'd be any mileage ('scuse the pun), now that Parkruns are so commonplace, of having some of them as 10k's?

    I would doubt very much that that will happen. Paul is very focussed on keeping it simple and it staying as what it is now. That's not to say that some of the individual events won't put on other races - we've  put on the South Bucks 10k for the last 2 years to raise funds for the Black Park parkrun.
  • If people are happy to pay £40-£50 for a 10k, that's fine for them.  I'll stick to my parkrun and well-run races like the Sodbury Slog, where for £16 (I think that's what it was for me as an unafiliated runner) you get a great race, a long-sleeved t-shirt and one of the best goody bags I've had in terms of its usefulness (mostly edible!).
  • I guess if the Park Runs started doing 10k's maybe once a month then they'd start to take away from local races.  At least round where I live there aren't many other 5k's around (I'm struggling to think of one that's measured).  Being near where the Park Runs started, it's amazing how they've spread over the last couple of years image
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