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So ive been running for a while now and have just got a place for the London Marathon. Ive been going out running 3-4 times a week normally before i entered and have just ran a 10 mile in just under the 1hr 20min.

 I have started a training plan but its telling m to take it easy for the first month or so building up to what i am on now so im confused as to what to do. DO i start again or keep running until i get up to this check point in training OR do something else?



  • Where did you get the plan from? Is it a beginners get you round one? It may be that you need a different plan.

    Some (e.g. the Furman Institute) start at 13 miles for the long run in week one and get to 20 miles in week 3. This particular plan assumes you are already running at least 25 miles per week and capable of a 15 mile long run before you start it.

    There are all sorts of plans in between.
  • Yeh it was off the asics web site. It does ask details at what point your at but nothing in detail.

    What is the furman int ? or do you know of any others. I run a mix of 5k 10k and 20ks

  • OK. I'm familiar with the MyAsics site. I used it to train for my recent half marathon. The plans generated by that are very conservative and build up from low mileages but they do work in the sense that you are likely to easily achieve the target pace for the race at the end. You should have been able to put in a 10K time to get your paces. One thing I will say is that two of the weekly runs are unbelievably slow.

    The Furman Institute plans are in this Runners World book: I haven't tried them yet but I'm attracted to them because you run for only three times a week and cross train twice.

    This website has loads of marathon plans too. Just click on the training section ^^^up there.

  • Sweet will have a gander and see what i come up with. image
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