Best place to sell bikes?

Any thoughts on best place (sites) to sell bikes and bike parts? SIL has one on ebay and it's not going...I thought somewhere a bit more specialised would be better.


  • has a classified section in their forum

    if it's a MTB he could try singletrackworld - although those guys tend to be at the top end of the MTB game is also a good outlet to try as is

    go check those sites out
  • Does he have any good LBS in the area GFB? One of mine buys and sells a few bikes. You may even be able to swing things to get 'stock' in value.

  • We must not have LBS here LN cos I don't know what that is lol!

    Thanks for the replies...I'll get him to check them out. image
  • LBS = local bike shop
  • *twigs on*....ah! Local Bike Shops! image
  • Thanks FB - that came to me on the treadmill lol!!
  • As someone has said, try Bikeradar. Or the CTC website also has a classifieds board although they tend more to commuting and touring bikes rather than road bikes.
  • Website called craigslist is good if you're in London area , or gumtree everywhere else
  • I think the problem with craiglist and gumtree is that they are very very general and an ad for a bike would get lost I reckon

  • +1 to that. .There's lots of bargain hunters on gumtree too. 
  • I would like to suggest this classified ads and directory website
    bicycle base camp
    This website  service is completely  free.


  • Club website ! Our tri club website always has bikes and bits for sale
  • you could try putting an ad on TT.

    i expect if it's not selling it's just because it's priced too high.

    if you want the most you can get for a bike then it's worth taking it apart and selling the parts off.  i've just stuck my cyclocross/winter trainer bike on ebay.  will break it down to parts and sell it if it doesn't go soon.  i've probably priced it too high too i expect.

  • I was just going to suggest tritalk...........and maybe your local bike clubs will advertise it for you.mine has bikes on the facebook page all the time

  • Errrrr I hate to point out the obvious.

    What about the Pirate Bizzare

    Just a thought.

  • It should be Pirate Bazaar, but I think your misspell is more apt image

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