12 in 2012



  • sounds like fun Ulen - would love to be there but won't be back from Portugal in time image

  • Anyone? I'm going to order medals this weekend for the 12.12 12:12 12/12/12 image

  • I'm out Ulen.
    Current have mild Bronchitis (probably from Rutland image), so no running at the moment.

  • I'm over Rutland now after going to Thailand 3 days afterwards, feel sorry for Miserable bleeder who is still suffering.  I've ordered personalised "14 marathons in 2012" medal hanger, however, 2 medals will be missing Steyning and Rutland, does anyone else who has done these races want to order/design a medal?  The Rutland Water t-shirt doesn't even say you have completed 2012 marathon.

    I'm 13 down, Portsmouth to go.

    Just over a week ago I calculated I needed to run 6.6 miles everyday for next 36 days (until the end of the year) to reach another challenge goal of 2,012 kilometres (1,250 miles) in 2012. After a mammoth running schedule this week of 57.8 miles (the most I have ever run in a week in my life). I now have to run just shy of 6 miles a day for the next 29 days.

    How many Miles/Kilometres has everyone else ran this year in training and races?

    So suggestions for 2013

    * 2,013 KMs or 2,013 miles in 2013

    * Ironman

    * run everyday in 2013 minimum of a Km or a mile.

    * 13 Trialthons in 2013

    * 13 dualthons on 2013




  • Just about over the Bronchitis.

    Fingers crossed for the Broadmeadow Double this weekend.
  • well my 12 in 2012 challenge is now complete. managed to get round Lisbon in about 4 hrs 6 mins which i'm more than happy with as it was pretty hilly in places (especially the last 3 miles image)

    good luck to everyone running portsmouth - have a few beers for me too image

  • Well done w2s, as they are advertising rum, brandy and mulled wine on the course I will do, number 14 for me on Sunday. SSQ, Ironman is the challenge for 2013, have you decided on yours? MB, hope you are recovered.

  • Hi all, well done W2S for completing number 12 image and anyone else that has......so Portsmouth on Sunday. `Am slightly relieved it is the last one and would have never have thought 12 would be possible let alone 15 that finger crossed will be completed Sunday.......Anyone else on Sunday gonna wear a big 12 on the back of their shirt???

  • Mine will be completed on 31st December at the Liverbird, my aims for 2013 will be

    1) more marathons (15 minimum, 12 booked so far)

    2) Knock some time off my average for the year.

    3) I will be aiming to complete one of the recognised 1 mile swim events,

    4) 1,000 miles of running and 1,000 miles of biking.

    5) 25 park runs in the year

    We really do need a commemorative Tee-shirt


  • are you aiming to do all of them EKGO? that's one serious amount of training if you are..... hats off to you!!  think i'll stick with a little ultra for next years challenge and maybe ramp it up for 2014.....

  • Liked drinking brandy at Portsmouth 14#2012 marathon, there is a first time for everything.  T-shirt or trophy cup.

    After running over 194 miles in Dec 2012 I reached another challenge goal of 2012KMs (1,250.2 miles) in 2012

    Got a customised medal hanger, with the words :14 marathons in 2012.

    1. January 2013 recover from 2012.

    2. Get 50 parkrun tee shirt, ran 33 another 27 parkruns in 2013.

    3. Virgin London marathon 2013 (try for a Pb) and Richmond Park marathon.

    4. Improve swimming so I can do my first Tri.

  • I received a couple of setbacks to my 2013 already, the first week I've ran 3 miles per day and put 4lbs additional weight on, and secondly I found the Gloucester Marathon is full, so I'm stuffed for january

  • hahaha just resurrecting this thread as wondering how everyone is

    Its been interesting to read as I have now run a few of these marathons that have been mentioned here never realising what they were about 

    Times have changed i'm now a singleton but still good friends with MAABOF and 
    a few of you are now good friends, I have ran with you ( and now catching up with you all doing these multi marathons lol )  Running Man, Miserable Bleeder ( I had forgotten I had met you on here before FB )

    What did everyone do for 2013 and now we are over half way through 2014

    and Running Man bet you are glad you didn't get into Gloucester for 2013 as it was cancelled and no refunds given, lucky escape there I reckon lol

  • Ah, 2012, happy times. Finished on 14 marathons/ultras, 8 in 2013 including my first ironman, now over to the darkside for 2014 with one ironman down, one to go. Plays havoc with your running all this swimming and cycling business. See you in Bournemouth maybe?

  • yes i've also done my first sprint tri last month and have entered another one next month

    heading for the 100 marathon club ( that's my aim ) but have to say the tri's have lured me in a way that I didn't think possible, I didn't think I would enjoy them so much but there is a buzz about them especially transition!!

  • Have just read back a few pages and remembering the pain of Steyning and Rutland.....can honestly say there has only been 1 more worse than those 2 and it was Cold Christmas to Good Easter mara this Jan - it was hell!

    Still running maras with only 9 in 2013 and 9 done so far in 2014........found the joys of the LDWA and trail events - take me off road anyday!!

    Have given muliple day challenges a go with two 4 day events completed and fingers crossed hoping to complete the 10 in 10 days at Barrow this September.......also aiming for the 100 club and then onto tri's  for a change of scenery!

  • ooh Sue O I did Barrow last year an absolutely super event with camping ( or staying in the bunk house ) with food included Highly recommended

    I think for me the worst marathon was Anglesey Marathon, off road mountain climbing and chucking it down of rain, my feet were constantly up to my knees in water not to mention the sea ( if you were a fast runner they had to wade through their waists in sea water - never thought i'd be grateful to be a slow runner lol )

    So what is next for everyone?

  • Anglesey wasn't that bad you old misery

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