Wolf Run- Gear Advice

Hi everyone,

I've not been able to find much information about this so I wanted to post it on here and see what advice and tips you have to offer.

I am enrolled in the Wolf Run 2012:


Its a 10K off road obstacle run thats going to have me trudging through boggy pits, running through rivers, and anything else involving more mud and more water.

I'm unsure on the best type of gear to wear for this kind of thing. I mean everything from underwear/no underwear, trail shoes, socks etc etc etc.

Any tips or advice would be very much appreciated.


  • errrm - have you looked at the FAQ on the site??

    "What should I wear to run?

    This depends on the weather! Basic advice is that you will get wet, muddy and may get cold, so wear warm, light running clothing and good running shoes with good grip but without spikes - some areas are too hard/stony for them, and they are dangerous for other competitors on the obstacles. Gloves can also be a good idea. If it’s sunny weather, bring sunscreen and a hat - we really don’t recommend sunglasses as you’ll probably lose them.

    Also - bring warm clothing to change into after the event and a towel!"

    seems to answer your questions no??

    from my experience of doing these things, the less you wear the more comfy you'll feel. that might sound odd but there's nothing worse than wet baggy kit flapping around and weighing you down - even lycra tights are uncomfy when wet and muddy.

    I'd go with a long sleeve tech t with maybe a vest over, lycra running shorts (prevent thigh chafing when wet) and good socks and trail shoes - that's just about it. maybe a hat or gloves if very cold but just accept you're going to get wet and cold and get on with it.
  • Hi Fat Buddha,

    Yes, I did go on the FAQ page of the site and read this article but I just wanted to post this on here so I can hear from your experiences and any specific gear recommendations.

    Thank you for your advice. Did you wear any underwear or layers with your gear or is the "less is more" the way forward?
  • I did it this year - was really good fun and came in 4th woman so couldn't have worn too much wrong. Had on usual Asics and tightish fitting shorts and top because of the lake swim. Don't wear jogging bottoms or you'll drown yourself!

    Trail shoes might have been a good idea though as the water didn't drain too well out of my trainers! Ooh and put a towel and change of clothes in your car!

    Was huge amounts of fun - am looking to enter next year too! Was great atmosphere! Enjoy!
  • Hi RunnyRunRun,

    Thanks for the tips. It looks like great fun. May even see you there then.

    I hope you don't mind me asking but did you or would recommend wearing underwear? It been suggested to me swimming trunks under shorts or even thigh length tights.
  • broggo - no to undercrackers - just some vas in the crack and around the "lumpier bits". too many layers when wet add to the chafability so the less layers you have the better.

    the only proviso to that was doing Toughguy which incorporates a lot of crawling over rough surfaces (bricks, pipes, mud etc) so I added a pair of nylon football shorts over the lycras to act as an abrasion barrier.
  • Fat buddha,

    May just vas from head to toe, just in case image Nice idea about doubling up. It wasn't to restrictive with the extra layer?
  • nope - not too restrictive. but I don't think you'd need overshorts for Wolf Man looking at the details, just go with the lycras and vas.

    also vas in the armpits and around the neck - basically anywhere that might chafe when wet
  • Yup I wore underwear but as a girl a sportsbra is practically the law anyway! I wouldn't wory too much about the chafing as you dry out pretty quickly what with the straw climbing and jumps...

     See you next year!

  • I'm doing the Wolf Run and have done several similar events. I always wear an old pair of shorts with a drawstring at the waist - they are less likely to slide down when you get out of the water.
  • Could wear a trisuit? Has built in bra and don't need undies and designed to try quickly and wash easily. Also won't get mud down the join between top and bottoms.
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