Over the Edge Marathon and Half Marathon


After the success of our recent Over the Edge challenge event i am pleased to announce that we (National Trust) are now organising a Marathon and Half Marathon on the 8th July 2012. It will be a point to point Marathon from Craven Arms to the birthplace of the modern Olympics, Much Wenlock. The event will form part of the Wenlock Olympian Games and will be mostly off road, following the length of Wenlock Edge.

Participants will be transported by coach from Much Wenlock to the start in Craven Arms from where a well marked route through beautiful countryside with plenty of marshalls will lead them back to Much Wenlock.

The Half Marathon will probably start at Wilderhope Manor, again with participant being transported there by coach.

Unfortunately I can't give any more details yet but as soon as i know more i'll let you know.





  • Oooh, sounds good, look forward to hearing more and I will save the date!
  • Entries are now open!

    Basic details are;

    Marathon - 26.2ish miles, Start at Craven Arms,  finish in Much Wenlock, 95% off road, waymarked route, marshalls and water at least every 5 miles,  Medal to all finishers, £25. Optional coach from finish to start £3 ish (tbc).

    Half Marathon, 13.1ish miles, Start at Wilderhope Manor, finish in Much Wenlock, 99% off road, Waymarked route, Marshall and water at least every 5 miles,  medal to all finishers, £15. Optional coach from finish to start £3ish (tbc).

    Both courses are very runnable, a few short climbs otherwise all undulating.

    To enter call 01694 725000

    More info will be available and updated regularly on www.wenlockedgenationaltrust.blogspot.com from tomorrow night.

    Any questions please ask.


  • The route has now been run and it really is brilliant, tough climb in the first 3 miles but the reward is possibly the best view in Shropshire. Easier running then until a climb at mile 14 in the Marathon or 1 in the half. I can't see many people getting a pb but all will enjoy i am sure!

    Route description will be written when i can turn my scrappy notes into something readable!


  • I've entered the Half Marsthon and had an email confirming they have my entry. Really looking forward to it!
  • There will be Wenlock Olympian gold silver and bronze medals for winners, and other prizes' . Other prizes etc will be announced as soon as they are confirmed.


  • Ive entered this, looking forward to it.
  • can you still enter this please?  Its the half marathon i'm interested in

  • You certainly can, entries are now open until the end of May, entry form is here http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/servlet/file/store5/item755231/version1/Marathon_Entry_forml.pdf


  • Is it postal or is there an online option? sorry for so many questions lol

  • I'm 99% its postal only, and thats how i entered. They were really quick to email me to confirm that they'd recieved my entry through the post though.

    I quite enjoyed entering the old way!

  • Yes you can either do it by post or pay with a card over the phone the number is 01694 725000. Sorry to not have on line entry but there's always next year, you never know!!

  • Yes thats fine Chris no worries 



  • Chris I rung number and left a message as they said its not manned all the time, do u know how often it is, hopefully they'll get back to me b4 the week is out
  • Hi, there is no one in the office today, must all be off enjoying the sun!

    There will be someone in tomorrow and Weds so you should hear back in the next few days.

    You have definately got a place though so fear not.


  • Hi Hannah's mum.

    After I could not get an answer I e mailed: overtheedge@nationaltrust.org.uk

    and sent my entry was in the post (dowmloaded form: http://wenlockedgenationaltrust.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Marathon. )

    I got a nice e mail back from Emily Knight who said she'd hold a place until my entry arrived.

    So see you on a hill near here.

  • YAY got a phone call today confirming my place, got the route OMG Chris, how many stiles?????  

    I counted 12 stiles for the half and 22 stiles for the marathon, how long did it take u to do the route?? did u run it?  

    this should be fun indeed, KK are u doing HM or marathon?  if doing HM shall we try and meet at the start?

  • How many?! Sounds great. I'm doing the half, have no idea how long it will take, hardly PB potential, just really looking forward to the whole thing.
  • Anyone got a GPX file for this route so I can put it into my Garmin? (or CRS or TCX file)

  • brer rabbitbrer rabbit ✭✭✭

    Hi folks, entered this last week by post, should I have heard anything by now if I have a place? Cheers

  • Brer

    I sent mine last week. As I heard nothing I e mailed. I was told that I was in, but I'd not got a reply yet as they had not managed to process all the entries on thier system.


    I'm doing the long one I'm afraid. Good luck, have agreat day.

    Chris D

    I too would be interested to hear how long it took you to run the course and some context about yourself, like your time on a regular road marathon, so I can get a rough handle on a taarget to set myself. And thanks to you and your associates for all your eforts to make this event happen...
  • brer rabbitbrer rabbit ✭✭✭

    Cheers King Kong. Looking forward to this.

  • Should be interesting.
  • Well I just found another stile ha ha can't wait!!!
  • Hi everyone, not checked here for a few days so sorry for not replying sooner.

    Firstly, on the stiles i have a plan to remove the top rails on three of them so that the step over is easier, i am also hoping that a chat with a local farmer will help to avoid two more. Don't want to make it too easy for you all though!!

    I ran the route but wasn't fully fit and was taking notes, it took me 4.45. I did a road marathon 5/6 years ago and took 3.35. I am now fit and reckon i would run between 4 and 4.15. I would really like to have a good run at it before the event but with other events and recce's etc i don't see how i'll manage it. May have to mark out the route flat out the day before!!

    Hope this helps


  • That's very helpful, thanks. Really looking forward to it.
  • Ok, who's signed up to the full marathon, and could give me (a half marathon roadie) an idea of what the terrain is like - I'm going out of my comfort zone for two things!  Oh well, in for a penny in for a pound...image

  • Hi,

    It's hilly, grassy, field edges, single track through woodland, wide woodland tracks, currently a bit muddy in places but it is warm mud!

    I'm sure you will love it.

  • I am getting so in to this, now.  Done my last little run today 8 mile, gently, gently. 3 on Wednesday.  I hope the volunteers will be OK about the slow times.  I'm walking the steep ups at 1-3 and 14 and may not come plodding down to MW until I'm good and ready, 8 hours is very generous, thank you, some of us may need it!  A fantastic event. image 3 cheers for Chris Dunkerley and the NT.image

  • Any idea if this will still be on this week? i heard a few rumours that there would be a decision made Thursday as the course is now very wet and muddy?

  • Don't know where the rumours are coming from but they are incorrect!

    This is an OFF ROAD marathon/half marathon. The route is wet and muddy after the wettest June on record but It just means it will be a bit tougher! Put your grippiest shoes on and enjoy it everyone

    See you on Sunday

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