bakers cyste

Hi everyone. About 6 months ago toward the end of 10 miler I began to feel a pain at the back of my left knee. I didn't take too much notice of it at the time as we dont, finished my run and began my normal post run stretching session, it was then that I felt a firm swelling at the back of said knee. You know that horrorble feeling when a new injury rears its head? Thoughts of weeks of rest , trips to sports injury clinics, race plans interupted or worse ruined, well they all came at that moment! I thought I'd rest a few days in the hope the lump would go which of course it didn't and although it wasn't giving me too much grief a trip to the doctors followed. He quickly diagnosed a' Bakers Cyste' and explained why it has appeared ( fluid from the knee joint leaking into the fluid sack at the back of the knee.. sort of.. and what he could do about it.. nothing..! 'They flare up then go down' he said ,' take it easy when it flares up' and sent me on my way. I felt a bit better I think knowing it was nothing serious but took the advice rested a bit then continued with my plans for 2 upcoming half marathons. Did them both with little reaction and even managed PB of 1:43:34 at Cardiff. Yes!! Since then though I have been back in sore bakers cyste land again only this time the pain is not going. If there are any  other sufferers out there I would be pleased to hear any advice you might have.

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