Beginners 5k Time?

I've literally just started running, this month in-fact. Although I've played football relatively competitively for the past 5 or so years.

I was just wondering what an average 5k time would be? As the "average" time seems to vary greatly from source to source.

My first timed 5k in training was around 24 minutes, although that was a push.


  • Everyone is different Jack but sub 20 is good by most peoples standards.

    Mine would be sub  30


  • Mo Farah's would be 12:53!!
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    You men - if you're not worrying about size, you're worrying about time!

    Have a look at the results of a 5k, and work out what the average (or median) finish time was.

    Or stop worrying about how fast other people run, and just do what you can do? 

  • Thanks Grendel, I guess sub 13 minutes it is then!?

    And I know time isn't everything Wilkie, it's just for fun at the moment- besides, it's how you use it. But knowing a rough average gives me something to aim for in the future.
  • My current 5k time is about 33 minutes - now I'm into my intervals, I'm looking to knock that down to 30 mins eventually, and lower after that. image  It's not a great concern of mine, I'm more interested in seeing my fitness improve week by week. image  Sometimes I'm running along, having been going for twenty or thirty minutes and I notice that my breathing is so steady that I can hardly hear it.  A far cry from being completely out of breath after a five minute or so run around the block!  At the moment, I get more of a buzz for breaking distances than times to be honest, but I'm sure that'll change before too long. image
  • Wilkie is spot on about how to find an idea of average, and you could also have a look at this old thread answering a similar question:

    ... lots of good answers there.

    So there's nothing for me to add apart from seconding the idea that time isn't everything (but you know that) and to say well done!
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