cycling and calf pain

as some of you will know, im hoping to do my first triathlon next season after years of running and have been training hard on the bike, which i absolutely love, however, when i run now im getting calf trouble feels like a strain on the outside edge of the muscle. This happens in both legs and is bad enough to make me stop. im wondering if it could be that im doing loads of bike work and not much running these days and maybe my legs are adjusting to the different 'work-load'.......any thoughts?


  • Hi,

    Have you tried medical grade compression socks? I started wearing them when I started getting cramps in my calf muscles during runs and they really helped. They increase the blood flow in the lower leg which helps flush out the area of lactic acid etc. I would reccomend the compression advisory, they also have a medical advisor there who I spoke to at length about my problem and was really helpful. 

    Hope it helps! 

  • Jeez JKR - three posts and you've advised compression socks to all ? Do you work at that place maybe ?

    Eurozone crisis - try compression socks !

    Iran developing nuclear weapons - here try some elastic round your legs...

    I don't think its the cycling that's doing it - but it could be the lack of running ? Have you cut back lots - and are you running quite hard ?
  • Bike set up could be wrong??  If you are clipless check the play on your cleats, all this may have an impact on the running and especially if you are running off the bike?
  • Cougie, i suppose i have cut back considerably and yes, i do tend to run quite hard as im not doing the amount of running i used/should do, and M.eldy having checked, there is a small amount of play on my cleats, so food for thought there too. thanks for the replies.image
  • ha yes compression solves it all!

    just pleased i found something that worked so thought i'd share!

  • image....will give it a try, thanks JKR.
  • To clarify, you need a bit of play in your cleats ...
  • image.....just as well you said M.eldy!
  • I beleive they've just issued compression socks to the entire Australian cricket team.
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