Ronhill Union Jack Shorts


 I've been looking for a pair of Ronhill union jack shorts for the last few weeks but can not find any.

 I believe they have stopped making them but was wondering if anyone knew of a place that still stocked them? Searched through google numerous times and can see the odd second hand pair have come through on ebay.

 I realise there are union jack shorts out there but wanted Ron Hill ones due to quality and also the fact they are designed for running!

 Any help would be much appreciated!!!!



  • Just bumping this to the top - I' too am after a pair of Union Flag running shorts.


    Can only find swimming/board shorts, but no 'proper' running shorts.


    Any ideas??

  • If it is the Ronhill Patriot Collection shorts then try John Lewis. Some sizes are sold out.
  • the patriots are my fav shorts, such nice quality, bit spendy though.

  • Sam at the Jog shop in Brighton had some Union Jack running shorts last time I was in there (that was pre-Olympics though so they may have gone!). Can't remember what make but they were definitely proper running shorts. Worth giving him a call (01273 675717), he does mail order if you're not local to Brighton

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