My favourite run is through Pollok Park at 7am alongside the cart river the scenery is amazing and the wildlife you see at that time is fantastic.


  • Along the beach from Rhosneigr to Valley in Angelsey and back early in the morning when tide coming in and sun rising over Snowdonia Mountain range magical image

  • From Shell Bay, around the Purbecks on a 14 mile loop back down to the ferry again. Ontop of Ballard down with Poole/Bournemouth one side and Swanage on the other...magical (and breezy!)

    Staple sunday run for the BH running community...

  • Both sound fantastic I'd love a coastal run or beach run but would need to travel 30 minutes in car there and back. I love running early on Sunday mornings I get a special glow knowing everyone else is in bed with hangovers image

  • I quite like the run I do south from Filip i Jakov in Croatia, as the sun sets over the islands and you get away from the crowds.
  • benalmadena marina run
  • A  4 mile loop round the famous "burn" at Bannockburn where i live.best done at dawn and the only sounds to hear is the trickle of the water on its way too faster and deeper pools downstream.Magical
  • I've only done it twice, but the 10K (ish) cliff-top run around Lundy island in the Bristol Channel takes some beating in good weather (and is probably well worth avoiding in bad weather).
  • Running along the coast line for me to for training runs. Do also enjoy country trail races though when I get to do them.
  • Favourite run? I enjoy all my runs image

     There's a mixed deciduous wood nearby with a bridlepath running through it that has a gentle incline for half a mile that I try to include in as many of my runs as I can. It's special at all times of year but I love it the most over the last few weeks and next few weeks. It's the time when the colours are so varied, the deer, rabbits, squirrels, pheasents etc seem to have no fear of humans, and most of all it's the mud coming back. Love it.

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Combe Hill overlooking Chequers and Oxfordshire. Gorgeous trails, lovely countryside, thick woods & at just the right moment a steep hill that slows you to a crawl !
  • Anything through woodland. I enjoy my runs through Abbots Wood and Friston Forest. Yesterday I wasn't even running along a path or track, just dodging between the trees. image
  • My 4 or 5M Fartleks in the morning twice a week.
  • Howth Head Cliff walk (Dublin) - great run. Sea far below gorse all around. Dont get a chance to do it much but when i do i take it!
  • birkmyre wrote (see)
    My 4 or 5M Fartleks in the morning twice a week.
    I actually quite enjoy track sessions even though I complain like hell. Have to admit looking at red for an hr is a tad unintersting though. I am pleased when I have completed the session.
  • Anywhere around the Cuckmere Valley and hills surrounding. The views are incredible. Can't say more than that !

  • Parliament Hill/Hampstead Heath, I have a set course I do which is based on the old national xc course. Fairly flat first mile, back breaking up and down middle then very fast descent at the end. Best done when it's been raining a lot image
  • The Thames River both east and west of Windsor is great. I used to do an amazing 10 mile loop along the Jubilee and the Thames near Dorney, but because of the Olympics at the rowing lake, my favourite part - two miles of twisty, muddy riverside trail - has been closed image

    So yesterday I ran 18km going out east, 9km to Runnymede and back. Considering how urban the area is, it was great - about half muddy, woodland trails by the river, really fun stuff to run! The sun was quite low and there was some amazing light filtering through the trees, it was great
  • I have a lovely loop which is pretty much exactly 5km so is pretty good for checking my timings - there's a bit of cross country, a bit of trail, a bit of road and canal path! So a proper mix and match! The kissing gates are a bit of a bugger when I'm running with the pushchair though.
  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
    I am lucky as there are a lot of nice places around where I live. I particularly like running through the historic village of West Wycombe, up to the big hilltop with St Lawrence Church and the Mausoleum - both are protected by the National trust and the view from up there is a great compensation in return from labouring my way up! The route back home leads through pretty farms and rolling green hills. I love the smell of horses and stacked hay! The forest in Bradenham is also magical this season, not to mention Bradenham Manor and the house built in the 17th century! image
  • Come on l mouse you can do better than a track session image
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