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Hello all,

Just after some advice. Mum has decided she wants a GPS for christmas as an upgrade for her Nike+ . She just wants something basic - not fussed with HR monitor or anything. I know Nike has just brought out a GPS thing but its quite expensive!

I use a Forerunner 405 and love it but I think it might be a bit complicated. Don't mean to sound condesending but ease of use is key.

 What would people recommend? Any anyones people would steer clear of?

Ta Muchly


  • If you mean an upgrade *from* her Nike+ ...
    you could get a 205 and set it up for her to show distance, time, and average pace (or lap pace) on the main screen. They're quite cheap now (cheaper than the current Garmin Forerunner base model!) and if she wants more later on it will do quite a lot.
  • This looks quite nice: Soleus and is available in the UK.

    Not sure what it can do, though. The Garmin lets you set up workouts and schedules, which I find quite handy.
  •  They were knocking them out for £80 in Sweatshop the other week
  • See if you can sync the Nike plus with the bin
  • Decathlon do a GPS that is suspiciously similar to the old Forerunner 201 but may have more up-to-date electronics. No idea if it's any good and have never seen reviews of it.

    Can't help thinking that the 205 is the best bet though. If your Mum wants to consider footpod technology, the Garmin FR60 has plunged in price recently although that is mostly hrm with a bit of speed and distance tacked on.

    Edit: the 205 is not that much on Amazon than the Decathlon thingy. I bought Mother of Muttley a 205 last Xmas for her hiking, and she loves it and the Garmin Connect etc.

  • 205 or 305 are obvious choice.

    Price difference is negligible though so 305 with hr even if unwanted now... Gives you future proofing. 205 doesn't but still great device. And all are very useful.

    We were walking in France recently with friends, parked at a nature reserve and then walked for a couple of hours. Friends were lost and about to go the wrong way , I'd marked the starting point and just said no opposite direction 0.35 miles and pointed. Much confusion from them that i had a compass of sorts.

    Yes you can normally do this on phone, but gps signal isn't as strong so takes time and relies on phone signal too.. None in this forest.

    305? What price is a 110 now since this is even simpler?

    Ah, both are £100, 205 £89
  • Half_Pint wrote:

    "Don't mean to sound condesending but ease of use is key."

    Forerunner 110. From the blurb:

    "Garmin's simplest GPS running watch for runners of all abilities - switch on, press start and go"

    Detailed review alongside all the other Garmin devices here:

  • 110 is good but only shows lap pace not actual current pace.

    Can be an issue but its a nice simple watch which is why I mentioned it.
  • thanks everyone, I shall have a look at those.

    110 looks good, thanks again

  • Nike have have just released a GPS watch called Soleus at £99. If you call Moti on 02920 090800 they're currently offering 10% discount
  • Interesting that Rachael works for Moti and therefore might just be a teensy bit biased. (AKA spamming)

    I would also recommend the Garmin Forerunner 205/305. I have the 305 and it can be used in a very simple way (just hit start and go) or you can customise it to a particular workout and see loads of different information.
  • I recently got the Garmin Forerunner 110 and love it.  SImple and easy to use and great to check out the map etc online when you get home again.  Mine came with a Heart monitor, which I wasn't fussed about having, decided to wear it to try it out, and have to say it's interesting/useful to see just how hard you are working over various parts of your run.

    I can't comment on the others as the 110 is my first watch of this kind, I was able to put it on, have a quick look at it and get going, simple to use. image

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