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Hi, does anyone have any solution to stop nails popping off! As soon as I start training, even short runs, I can feel that tingling feeling, especially my right foot nails. I usually lose about five training for a marathon. I never had the problem in Australia so i'm wondering if it's got something to do with colder, damper British weather. And yes i always wear clean socks and dry my feet properly. any suggestions?



  • Sounds like you need bigger shoes?  Try going up half a size.

  • Or cut the toenails ?
  • Thanks for the suggestions but unfortunately i've tried both ... still shedding nails. I've also tried drugs but nothing over the counter is strong enough and the prescription drugs work but it just starts again as soon as the course is finished. I think i just have to learn to live with manky toe nails.
  • I've only ever lost one toenail in about a dozen marathons - that was when I foolishly forgot to cut it.

    I thought it was just impact ? Do you run more downhills here and your feet are sliding forwards ?

    What do the drugs do ?
  • Anti-fungal drugs. They work but they're hard on the liver, and the course lasts for several months. I didn't like them. I think i definitely lost two nails after an off-road marathon in August becuase of the downhills. I might just try soaking them in salt water after each run and see how that goes.
  • have you tried vasaline on your feet before you run i lost two nails but have lost none since trying this

  • Are you actually sure that you have a fungal infection tho?  or is it 'just' the fact that you are suffering from your toenails falling off which is fairly common in runners for varying reasons
    If it is a fungal infection then you need to look at the cause of this rather than the nails falling off

    (if I have read this right)
  • Thanks, I'll try the vaseline. And go back to the doctors ... maybe a specialist podiatrist would be better.
  • A chiropodist would be able to tell you if you do have a fungal infection, or if there is another cause.

  • "I never had the problem in Australia"

    I suspect that's the problem - you're now running upside down so gravity is having a different effect on the nails which is why they're falling off.

  • they're homesick toe nails and taking the opportunity to run back down under ...

  • i think you need to be a size bigger in your trainers,and it depends on your mileage,if you are moving up to fast then you will be losing them,your increase in mileage should be 10% so if your extending your distance from 9miles then you only need to move to a 10 until you are comfortable then so on,also it could be upping your speed aswell,and also speed and mileage together,hope this helps.

    Good Luck

  • It could just be the shape of the shoe, I lost lots of toe nails in Asics and seem to have less problems in wider toe box shoes such as Saucony, Nike and Mizuno.
  • That's interesting because i run in Asics ... but for women i'm told they're the best (especially as i pronate a bit) ... but maybe will try another brand for the Paris marathon. Thanks.
  • I think it is a bit too general to say that Asics are the best for women, they may be best for some women but certainly not all image

    A few suggestions for other makes/ models that control pronation are Mizuno Wave Inspire, Nike Structure Triax, Saucony pro grid Omni/ Guide/ Hurricaine, maybe go to a running shop and try some on to see how they feel image

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