Fat Club Saturday 21st

Is that sad, or what? Feeling victorius because I'm up at 6 on a Saturday........ and worse still, I didn't even need to be, because it's a running rest day and the workshop I'm leading this morning doesn't start until 10! Got on the scales. Gained half a pound of the two and a half I lost last week! Had a week with lots of work-related lunches. Don't know about you guys, but if the food is there, available, in front of me, I don't have a curate in Vatican's chance of saying no!

Good luck with the run Glen. You don't have to go round all those funny roundabouts do you, being with the HH team?


  • My scales dont measure half pounds
  • I think if I threw my scales away I would go completely out of control! I'm very good at fooling myself.
  • Hello everyone! Sassie, you should have gone back to sleep - did you know that lack of sleep can make you fat? Something to do with cortisol levels. Obviously, you've got to eat the food too...anyway, good excuse for lying in bed late at weekends. Doesn't work with the kids, unfortunately, apart from Kevin, who just keeps teenage hours.

    EP, I hope you had a brilliant long run. I well remember the first run I regarded as a long run. I measured it afterwards - 3.8 miles, and I managed to run almost all the way up the biggest "hill" on the route. Was I pleased with myself or what?! Now, it hardly seems worth putting my trainers on for 3.8 miles unless it's speedwork, and my legs scarcely register the hill's existence.

    Scales...chuck'em, if you want to fool yourself you can stand on the scales, observe a weight gain of 7lb, and convince yourself that it's because you're gaining muscle or it's TOTM or you left your false teeth out last time. Mind you, as has been noted, I'm a bit "Do as I say..." about this. But I don't have scales at home and manage only to step on my work ones on Monday mornings.

    All those "get a cat" waves have had an eeriily far-reaching effect. I didn't say anything at home, but got back yesterday to be almost knocked over by four excited kids all trying to tell me at once that Daddy had spent the day phoning cat sanctuaries and had a shortlist drawn up. We're going to look at our top choice - a pair of four-year-old mogs who are being given away because their owner is emigrating - this afternoon. I suspect Kevin has been doing more lurking on the forums than I realised (she loves the silly threads on URWFRC) and twigged that Mummy was ready to move on after Fluff's demise.

    Have a good weekend!
  • I am 46, have been running for three years. I run approx 8-12 miles per week, and would like to lose half a stone. Can anyone suggest how I do this, and I cannot seem to shift the weight.
  • Ep Brilliant!!
    You are probably letting your hands hang down when you run, after the marathon mine were twice their normal size.
    Hope you enjoy the wine tonite, youve earned it!!
    Managed a gym session today, including weights
    No comment about what Ive eaten
    as you all know Im chronically sleep deprived, and thats my excuse!
  • V-rap, have you got the pussies yet?

    EP, will I manage that one day? Well done!

    Mabel, I just find the more I run, the more I eat!

    Went to M&S in Kingston and bought lovely florescent waistcoat thingy and blue and white long-sleeved 'keep dry under all circumstances top' (View From, of course)! I may not run any better, but boy will I look the part!

    Must be time for my second glass of wine.
  • Oh so it's the bottle of wine per night that I drink is it? Never thought of that. Plus the curry and the three nan breads.

    Hey ho.

  • EP, well done! A 10K run is great by any standards, and a respectable time too. How many calories you used depends on what size you are. There's a calculator at www.onrunning.com for working out calories burned according to your weight and distance run. The usual figure quoted is 100 cals per mile if you're 150lb (10 st 10lb). Less if you're lighter and more if you're heavier.

    Don't worry about your hands. The swelling is fluid, which gets out of your circulation and into the tissues of your hands by a combination of extra skin blood flow to help cool you down, and good old gravity. Mine are huge after running in warm weather. Wine won't make it worse, so enjoy.

    Mabel, you're already doing very well. I can say that hardly knowing you because what I DO know is that with only half a stone to lose you're less overweight than the average British adult, and your exercise level is way above that of the average British adult. Unfortunately, weight loss always comes back to the laws of physics. Ask yourself two questions:
    1. Am I genuinely overweight? If your body mass index is 25 or less, you aren't, and your body might be telling you that this is the weight it likes to be, thank you very much.
    2. Is my diet as good as it should be? That means not too much fatty or processed food, plenty of fresh food, and at least 1,500 calories a day.
    If the answer to both questions is "yes", increasing your running mileage or adding another aerobic activity, combined with doing some resistance work, will help. Promise!

    Sassie, what an outfit! And you a woman of the cloth! There will be much tutting in the jam-making sorority.

    I'VE GOT MY CATS! They're gorgeous. Silly names - Tizzy (enormous, dark brown, very hairy) and Tinkar (sort of normal cat size, ginger, gorgeous markings, green eyes, previous owner has eccentric attitude to spelling) - but Kevin won't let me change them. I fancied Marmalade and Muscovado. Ivor suggested Beans and Chocolatepudding. They're contentedly patrolling the house and Tinkar is looking longingly out of the windows. So I did a bit of extra weight-training lugging cat food and litter back from the co-op this evening, and have just placed an order for industrial quantities of said items with Tesco Direct. They're gonna love me. Well, they did send me those "free delivery" vouchers...

  • Sassie... I was in M&S in Kingston today... very spooky. Drank too much and eaten too much this weekend already. Anniversary celebrations seem to have stretched out.

    Going for a big run tomorrow with my Royal Marine buddy... that should be fun (not).

  • Hi Guys -- not sure what's happening with me. I've for some reason gone back up to 13 st and I've pived basically on smoothies, boiled rice and beef black bean since Thursday - only things I can eat without retching (sorry!). I tried tomato soup yesterday with liquidised carrot in it and it tasted just like wallpaper paste (I can imagine). Anyway, I'm told there is some weight gain with the steroids so hopefully when I stop the last lot today, it should get easier.... because exerise is virtually nil :( Last thing I need with all this lot is to feel even more unhealthy with more weight gain - and I was doing so well too :(
  • typo correction

    pived = lived
  • Dont worry Cath
    Your body will readjust once its got used to the foreign chemicals
    Actually, its unfair to weigh yourself right now, steroids cause water retention too, so it aint fat
    Have you gone off choccie?
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